4 Water Industry Trends for 2023

March 1, 2023

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Join Water Innovator and Industry Expert, Will Sarni and KETOS Founder and CEO, Meena Sankaran as they discuss water industry trends for 2023.

In this webinar, they will discuss:

  1. Emerging Corporate Water Strategies
  2. Digital Tools and Water Scarcity
  3. Water Stewardship Impacts
  4. Sustainable Development Best Practices

About the Speakers


Will Sarni
Water Innovator

Will Sarni is the founder and CEO of water strategy consultancy, Water Foundry. He is also the CEO of the Colorado River Basin Fund, the first placed-based water-focused investment fund in the United States. Sarni is a co-founder of WetDATA and a host of the podcast, The Stream with Will and Tom. Learn more at willsarni.com.

Meena Sqare Color

Meena Sankaran
Founder and CEO, KETOS

Meena Sankaran is an accomplished technology executive, business leader, and evangelist driving global strategy and innovation for customer success through a variety of leadership roles over the last 16+ years prior to founding KETOS. As a technologist and a purpose-driven Entrepreneur, she believes in leveraging technology and building business models for challenges that bring about global change and deliver solutions to impact at a grassroots level. Learn more at ketos.co.

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