DevOps engineer  (5+ years)

KETOS provides users with real-time, actionable data and predictive insights on several water metrics (both volumetric and quality related) through remote, continuous unmanned smart monitoring for water grid management and water safety. 

KETOS is the one of the 1st in the Industry to integrate Water, Internet of Things (IoT), Full Stack Cloud Platform, AI/ML, Predictive Analytics and Data Science with a comprehensive patented solution of hardware devices (sensor nodes), secure IoT connectivity and an intelligent SaaS software platform for customer analytics while maintaining the reliability and data accuracy demanded in the Industry.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will be the responsible for installing, maintaining, and monitoring of all production engineering CI/CD applications. You will provide end user support and document configuration, administration, and end user procedures. Your responsibilities also include creating and maintaining engineering tools related to automating software builds, source code management, source code analysis, bug and project tracking, data mining, and other engineering support systems. You must be able to quickly identify problems with in-house built applications, run time environments, or network infrastructure using various troubling shooting techniques. You will implement and propose solutions to help resolve problems and improve the overall efficiency of the software engineering department.  


  • Design automated, containerized cloud application platform solutions, with a focus on application concerns, including cloud­ ready distributed application architectures, migrating workloads to containers, containerized development workflows, and integrating container platforms with automated continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines

  • Deliver production ready automation from start to finish -- design, implement, test and deploy

  • Production responsibilities include: bringing up new services, eliminating old services, capacity planning, etc.

  • Define and build testing plans, perform quality reviews, manage operations and triage and fix operational issues as business needs change

  • Work within a team to design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve infrastructure to support services and microservices

  • Contribute to internal tools that help us improve our operations processes, manage our infrastructure, and scale our systems

  • Improve the platform that makes it joyous for engineering teams to

    • Deploy and upgrade their applications

    • Monitor and alert on their application’s health

    • View, search and analyze their application’s logs

  • Review code to maintain quality with an eye towards performance, scale, security, compliance, and cost

  • Work closely with internal teams to understand, support, and enable their use of the platform

  • Architecting and building out nextgen kubernetes infrastructure.

  • Ensuring excellence in delivery to internal and external customers

  • Work within a team to design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve infrastructure to support services and microservices.


  • MS or BS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent fields with 5+ years hands-on industry work experience of design/build of DevOps CI/CD pipelines on the public cloud environments, preferably AWS and Azure

  • Fluency in development tools (e.g., git, IDEs, YAML) and programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, Go, Javascript, Bash scripting).

  • Strong hands-on experience in one or more of Containers and Container Orchestration frameworks: Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm

  • Experience with Service Mesh, Service Discovery, Routing tools and technologies

  • Hands-on experience with AWS services for SaaS products such as VPC, EC2, Containers, ECS, EKS, S3, ELB/ALB, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Redshift, RDS, Lambda, RDS, Route53, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, IAM, Code Commit, Elastic Bean Stalk, Cloud Trail, API Gateways and others

  • Development of Test Automation for Web based systems (both UI and Backend) for different product lines.

  • Experienced in designing/implementing Virtual Private Cloud VPC environments including compute, storage, database, networking, security etc. in the AWS ecosystem with HA / DR strategies

  • Extensive experience supporting and scaling production systems

  • Expertise in configuring, deploying, tuning, and supporting web frameworks at scale on Linux and container platforms Experience with systems design 

  • Expert level experience with Continuous Integration tools, preferably Jenkins or Bamboo, TeamCity along with GitLab or GitHub

  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code concepts using tooling such as Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation, etc.

  • Experience with automation tools such as, Salt, Puppet, Chef, Packer, Vagrant, etc.

  • Experience with application dependency mapping monitoring tools and practices.

  • Experience with application performance monitoring / load testing / mapping tools and practices.

  • Experience working with message queue technologies such as RabbitMQ or Kafka

  • Experience with Monitoring tools, preferably CloudWatch, NewRelic, Nagios, Cacti, Gnaglia, etc

  • Strong understanding of system and networking concepts and troubleshooting techniques.

  • Excellent knowledge of Branching, Merging and deployment strategies.

  • Experience in reproducibly deploying, configuring and managing Linux (CentOS/RHEL) based systems.