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Improve yield, product quality, and reduce rejected batches. Autonomously monitor water quality in real-time with the KETOS Smart Water Intelligence Platform.

Consumers expect products that are safe, consistent, and sustainable. As consumer expectations continue to rise, farmers, food processors, and bottlers continue to search for ways to meet those expectations in ways that are affordable and effective. This new normal is driving innovation in all areas of agriculture including protected agriculture (greenhouse, floating covers, vertical farming, etc.), open-field farming, food processing, food safety, and bottling. 

Water quality and conservation is a critically important component of agricultural applications – particularly in instances where nutrient management, water availability, water quality and consistency, or product safety is essential.

For many growers and processors poor nutrient management, a lack of water, low water quality, inconsistent or varied water sources, and safety concerns can have a significant impact on both revenue and profitability.

The KETOS water quality testing and monitoring platform enable growers, processors, and bottlers to automate water quality testing and monitoring. It is a vertically integrated water intelligence platform with proprietary, patented hardware, bi-directional connectivity infrastructure, interactive software, and hassle-free services, all for a predictable, flat service fee (at a price point where customers commonly see an ROI within days or a week).

Because the KETOS solution is fully integrated, it includes real-time threshold-based alerts and reporting with parts per billion (ppb) specificity and industry-standard lab accuracy. Data collected can instantly identify, and alert users of, water quality and water usage issues to ensure product quality, consistency, and reliability.

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