Case Study: Manufacturing

Industrial Water Quality for Manufacturing

Learn how industrial water operators are leveraging the KETOS Solution to remotely monitor water quality, implement process controls, and make data-driven decisions

Monitor Water Quality Remotely - Including Heavy Metals

Improve Testing Reliability, Automate Analytics, and Reduce Downtime

Data-driven Operational Controls and Automated System Alerts

Case Study

Manufacturing: Effluent Discharge & Real-Time Monitoring

The KETOS water quality testing and monitoring platform enable water operators to automate water quality testing and monitoring. It is a vertically integrated water intelligence platform with intelligent hardware, bi-directional connectivity infrastructure, interactive software, and hassle-free services, all for a predictable, flat service fee. 

Manufacturing case study

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KETOS Overview

KETOS automates testing, monitoring, reporting, analysis, and forecasting enabling water operators to proactively solve mission-critical efficiency and quality challenges in real-time and ensure that water used in municipal, agriculture, and industrial applications meet specific compliance and sustainability standards.

Traditionally, water monitoring and testing has been manual and static – leading to reactive analysis and decision-making. The KETOS solution provides both qualitative and quantitative data in real-time.

Patented and Proprietary Hardware

Fully Automated, Cloud-based Solution with No Maintenance Hassle

Real-time Detection, Analysis, and Reporting

Robotics Automation with Proprietary Material Science

Advanced Predictive Analytics with
Machine Learning

30+ Parameter Detection Including Heavy Metals in Real-Time

KETOS delivers a holistic solution for water quality assurance
– an intersection of robotics, data science, and IoT for the world of water.

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