IoT Sensor Systems

The patented KETOS IoT Sensor System automates water quality monitoring and water efficiency. The KETOS WAVE monitors flow, pressure, volume, and other efficiency data points. The KETOS SHIELD provides lab-accurate water quality data in real-time across dozens of parameters.


KETOS IoT Sensor Systems include cloud integration through several connectivity options including LoRa, WiFi, cellular, and customer networks.

Data Warehouse

Data is aggregated in a secure centralized data warehouse and is automatically organized and structured to facilitate turn-key analytics. In addition, the KETOS solution is interoperable and can connect to public data and existing SCADA systems.

Reporting & Alerts

Eliminating the need for BI Analytics or data science expertise, users have access to automated, out-of-the-box reporting, and users can easily create and configure customized, real-time reports and alerts to support specific operational requirements and process controls.

Predictive Analytics

Leveraging KETOS machine learning algorithms, water operators are able to correlate data with several planning models, understand consumer behavior, and understand forecasting patterns for custom operations. As a result, they are able to identify and get ahead of issues before they become real concerns including potential compliance issues, maintenance requirements, water usage, and water quality anomalies.

Iot HW


Data Storage