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Drinking Water

Drinking-water quality requires our undivided attention. While America is a first-world country, there remain pockets where accessing clean water can still be challenging. Look no further than Flint, Michigan, as an example of how tenuous water supplies can be if not carefully maintained and monitored.
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Download This Industry Fact Sheet

Download the KETOS Drinking Water Fact Sheet

Drinking Water Factsheet

Download the fact sheet to uncover what governments have been doing to help ensure quality and how a solution like KETOS can help ease the transition from manual, irregular testing to more efficient monitoring that costs less and tests more. 

By testing for more parameters more often, communities can protect themselves against heavy metal exposure, ensure water is safe to consume, and monitor infrastructure for leaks or signs of corrosion that can be early warnings of more significant, more expensive issues. By being proactive, community water supplies are safer and more secure.

KETOS SHIELD provides accurate, real-time monitoring for dozens of water-related parameters in water quality monitoring system projects. Testing your water is easy via an interoperable, modular system that has a multi parameter water quality sensor and uploads data to the cloud for secure 24/7 access. Download our drinking water fact sheet and learn more.

Download our Wastewater Fact Sheet and uncover how KETOS is working with businesses, utilities, and local communities to help efficiently monitor wastewater remediation while ensuring:

  • Real-time on-site sampling of effluent wastewater
  • Lab-accurate results with every test
  • Simultaneous sampling of 30+ parameters
  • Automation of wastewater quality testing (for less human intervention)
  • 24/7 access to current and historical data via cloud-enabled storage

Our Drinking Water Needs Constant Water Quality Monitoring

Drinking water supplies that go unmonitored run the risk of endangering the health of constituents and local communities. Some elements, like lead and heavy metals, have long-term health implications for people (especially children). Others can change the color or taste of water, making it unpalatable. Having the right composition and chemical application balance ensures that water looks and tastes great; however, maintaining drinking-water quality requires constant maintenance and testing.

KETOS: Solving Water Challenges in Drinking Water

Utilities and private water companies are already increasing transparency and collaboration with their local communities in order to improve existing infrastructure. They’re also seeking ways to reduce costs while increasing water monitoring frequency and quality. Find out how companies are adapting to changing conditions in our Drinking Water Fact Sheet.

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