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Considering a Water Quality Monitoring System Project? Set Up a Demo Request with KETOS

When it comes to water management and monitoring for water quality, every setup is different, and every business has a unique set of requirements. KETOS is uniquely positioned to meet your organization’s exact needs.

KETOS is plug-and-play and ready to integrate into any existing setup. The technology can be placed strategically throughout your operational footprint as a modular system. KETOS hardware is robust and can handle indoor and outdoor environments as well as challenging hot or cold temperatures. The machines self-calibrate, and maintenance is dealt with by KETOS personnel, so once in place, your on-site team simply can sit back and wait for samples to be pulled and recorded.

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Contact us today to try KETOS in your water quality monitoring system project. During our demo sessions, your team can discover how KETOS works in terms of influent, effluent, and remediation requirements. Reporting is lab-accurate (in ppb) and can test various types of water (wastewater, groundwater, process water, produced water, etc.). Our team members walk you through the sampling and process reporting to show you how to program sampling times, choose your parameters (out of 30+ options), customize your dashboard, and more. After a KETOS demo, you’ll get a real sense of how the technology can work within your existing setup and how easily it integrates with your equipment and other available systems.

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