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Process water companies are already increasing their collaboration with local communities. Their goal? To improve existing infrastructure, reduce costs, and monitor local water supplies alongside governmental entities. With the help of technology, monitoring process water for water quality just got easier. Learn more in our process water fact sheet.
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KETOS: Solving for Water Challenges in Process Water

Process Water FactsheetKETOS SHIELD provides accurate, real-time monitoring for dozens of water-related parameters with its multi parameter water quality sensor. Monitoring your water is straightforward via an interoperable, modular system that uploads data to the cloud for secure access at any time. Learn more about how KETOS can help water operators gain insights into water in our process water fact sheet.

Download our Process Water Fact Sheet and uncover how KETOS is working with water operators to help efficiently monitor their process water while ensuring:

  • Lab-accurate results in real-time
  • Simultaneous sampling of 30+ parameters
  • An easy setup
  • 24/7 access to current and historical data via cloud-enabled storage

Why Monitor Your Process Water Quality

Efficient, reliable production is integral for organizations across industries. Manufacturers, in particular, must ensure not only quotas but also high production standards, and both quality and output simply cannot be maintained without a careful eye on water quality.

While process water may originate from surface water, groundwater, or municipal supplies, the quality can vary greatly. Often, the goal of treated process water is to remove contaminants or maintain healthy levels of pH or temperature in order to protect equipment. By monitoring water quality, operators can reduce corrosion in infrastructure, prevent equipment downtime, and predict the consistency of conditions designed to deliver quality end-product.

Embracing Technology in Process Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring in manufacturing and industrial applications has never been easier, thanks to advances in automation and IoT. The latest technology is cheaper to implement and easier to manage than the traditional approach of manual sampling and third-party lab testing. Many solutions, like KETOS, can test for multiple parameters simultaneously and quickly plug into existing infrastructure so that operators save money as they gather more robust oversight into their process water quality.

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