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Surface Water

Surface water availability and quality are of critical concern in various sectors, including agriculture, municipal, and manufacturing. Learn more about it in our Surface Water Fact Sheet.
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KETOS: Solving Water Challenges in Surface Water

Surface Water FactsheetKETOS is solving the challenge of effectively monitoring surface water quality so that water used in-house is appropriately balanced and water is returned to the environment only after proper treatment. Using a modular setup, automation, a multi-parameter water quality sensor, and cloud-enabled data storage, companies can sample water quality from multiple strategic areas of operations, get real-time data to act on, and ensure that compliance is maintained. Learn more about KETOS’ service offering in our surface water fact sheet.  

Download our Surface Water Fact Sheet and uncover how KETOS is working with businesses, utilities, and local communities to help efficiently monitor water while ensuring:

  • Real-time sampling of surface water
  • Lab-accurate results with every test
  • Simultaneous sampling of 30+ parameters
  • On-site automation of surface water quality testing (for less human intervention)
  • 24/7 access to current and historical data (plus threshold alerts) via cloud-enabled storage

Surface Water Usage in the United States

In America, surface water can be used for everything from drinking water to irrigation to thermo-electric power. It’s also used in mining and for other manufacturing and industrial purposes. As much as 74% of water usage in the United States comes from surface water, according to the USGS.

Surface Water: Managing a Finite Resource

Even as water withdrawals remain heavily dependent on surface water, America, and the world at large, is seeing this water source dwindling as climate change affects rainfall patterns and glacial ice melt. As extreme weather events continue to become the new normal, it’s becoming ever more apparent that surface water treatment is serious business, and we can no longer treat it as a limitless exploitable resource. Therefore, careful management and monitoring remain a priority. In some industries, regulations are becoming more stringent, and companies need to revisit how they’re handling compliance.

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