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Energy Production

Energy companies face regulatory scrutiny as a way to help protect the environment and communities. There is also concern surrounding the amounts of water used, especially in areas where drought and water availability put a strain on already limited water resources. 

Solving the Problem with Water in Energy Production

water quality testing for energy production

Energy production of all kinds rely on water in large quantities. Since water and energy are closely linked, water pollution surrounding power plants can be a genuine concern for communities. Typically, power plants are located near reliable water sources (such as rivers) to ensure they have a ready supply for their energy needs. However, once used in energy production, water is often pumped back into the source, which, if not remediated correctly, can cause contamination (including heavy metal and thermal pollution) that can severely damage the surrounding environment and put communities at risk. Download the energy production fact sheet to learn more.

Download the Energy Production Fact Sheet

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