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Agriculture And Water

Across the world, agriculture consumes 70% of all freshwater used. Water is often over-used when poor irrigation systems are in place in open-field farming operations. However, water also gets lost to evaporation and inefficient nutrient and chemical management. According to UNESCO, as an enormous consumer of water, the agricultural sector writ large lacks the efficiency needed to minimize water usage despite intersectoral competition for water and an increase in water scarcity.
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KETOS: Solving for Water Challenges in Agriculture

Digital water technology is just the thing agricultural operations need to dramatically reduce water usage. By implementing better water monitoring practices, water operators and farmers can:

  • better manage nutrient and chemical mixes for more efficient water applications
  • monitor runoff to ensure local water resources remain uncontaminated
  • detect leaks in irrigation and other infrastructure inefficiencies¬†
  • monitor more parameters at on time on-site for faster reaction times when issues arise

KETOS SHIELD provides accurate, real-time monitoring for dozens of water-related parameters (30+). Monitoring your water for agricultural usage is easy via an interoperable, modular system that uploads data to the cloud for secure 24/7 access. With KETOS, water operators gain insights for easier, more efficient water management.

Download our Agriculture and Water Fact Sheet to learn more about how open-field farming can benefit from digital water technology.


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