Case Study: Municipal Water

Rio Rancho Automates its Water Quality Testing to Ensure Compliance in Real-time

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As the 3rd largest city in New Mexico, the Rio Rancho water utility serves over 100,000 residents, making it the fastest-growing community in the state and one of the fastest-growing in the southwest.

Fully Integrated Water Monitoring Solution

Measures Dozens of Water Quality Parameters

Real-Time Reporting & Alerts


Water Quality Efficiency and Peace of Mind at Rio Rancho with the KETOS SHIELD

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After struggling with inconsistent lab tests and a manual and time-intensive water quality process, Rio Rancho selected KETOS to automate their water quality testing and reduce inconsistencies to ensure that they were in compliance. The Rio Rancho Utilities Director shared that “the KETOS SHIELD provides access to real-time information. We can make proactive changes to our removal capacity when the water isn’t meeting our standards. With the SHIELD, we are over 99% sure we are safe.”

Download this case study to see how the KETOS SHIELD provides this utility with efficiency and peace of mind.

Rio Rancho Municipal

KETOS SHIELD Highlights for Rio Rancho

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KETOS Overview

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KETOS automates testing, monitoring, reporting, analysis, and forecasting enabling water operators to proactively solve mission-critical efficiency and quality challenges in real-time and ensure that water used in municipal, agriculture, and industrial applications meet specific compliance and sustainability standards.

Traditionally, water monitoring and testing has been manual and static – leading to reactive analysis and decision-making. The KETOS solution provides both qualitative and quantitative data in real-time.

Patented and Proprietary Hardware

Fully Automated, Cloud-based Solution with No Maintenance Hassle

Real-time Detection, Analysis, and Reporting

Robotics Automation with Proprietary Material Science

Advanced Predictive Analytics with
Machine Learning

Dozens of Parameter Detection Including Heavy Metals in Real-Time

KETOS delivers a holistic solution for water quality assurance
– an intersection of robotics, data science, and IoT for the world of water.

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