Improving Plant Health in Vertical Farming with KETOS

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Improve crop yield and product quality while reducing water usage. Autonomously monitor water quality and get lab-accurate water quality results in real time.

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Fully Integrated Water Monitoring Solution

Measures Dozens of Water Quality Parameters

Lab-Accurate Results in Real-Time

Why Automation is Essential for Ensuring Vertical Farming Water Quality

A crucial aspect of any indoor agriculture setup is the quality and composition of its water. Vertical farm crops succeed and fail based on the careful balance and timing of nutrient delivery. If any nutrient is thrown off at any time, yields can shrink, and existing plants may weaken, making them vulnerable to disease, failure, or shorter shelf life. However, when the proper balance of nutrients is delivered and maintained throughout a growth cycle, crops can grow faster and stronger, with improved taste and longer shelf life.

Previously, vertical farmers had to rely on third-party labs or manual testing, leaving the process of monitoring and maintaining water quality susceptible to human error or information delays. Having a solution on hand that can automate the water monitoring process in real-time takes the guesswork out of nutrient balance in your water infrastructure. It ensures that readings are pulled regularly so that water quality is no longer a guessing game.

With KETOS, vertical farmers get:

  • Lab accurate readings of 30+ parameters (including nitrogen, calcium, and others)
  • A customizable threshold-based alerting system
  • Historical data and analysis
  • Prescriptive and predictive analytics

This all-in-one system uploads data to a cloud-enabled dashboard so that growers can get real-time readings that allow them to act on actionable data. This ensures the right nutrients are delivered and balanced at the exact right time for robust, successful crops and less waste.

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Vertical Farming Water Monitoring Case Study
Case Study

Improved Plant Health and Vitality at a Multinational Vertical Farm

KETOS has proven to be a valuable ally for vertical farmers and has helped many organizations understand their water quality in real time. Read our case study about one vertical farmer who adopted our technology and how our monitoring insights repeatedly helped them ensure a more resilient and predictable harvest.

Digital Water Technology Meets Vertical Farming Best Practices

Nutrient Management

Understand your water composition so that growers can deliver precise levels of nutrients right to your plants when they need them.

Water Conservation

Vertical farms already use less water. With KETOS helping to carefully balance your water composition, you’ll be able to use even less and recycle more effectively.

Lab-accurate, Real-Time Results

Our results are delivered in real-time and are lab-accurate, giving you the peace of mind of knowing the readings you get are timely and precise.

Improve Product Yield and Quality

With water composition continuously monitored, you can avoid spikes or delays in nutrient delivery to ensure reliable and predictable harvests.

Threshold Alerts

Set your parameters so that if any environmental changes happen, you can address the issue and maintain water consistency immediately from anywhere.

Monitoring of 30+ Parameters

KETOS monitors for nutrients (Nitrates, Orthophosphates, etc.), environmental factors (pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, etc.), heavy metals, and inorganics.

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Why KETOS for Vertical Farming

Data-Driven Product Quality

  • Longer shelf life based on healthier product
  • Consistently meet quality standards
  • Effectively manage nutrients and plant growth cycles
  • Real-time water quality dashboards, alerts, and reporting
Seedling Vertical Farming Water Monitoring
Vertical Farming Water Quality

Increased Revenue

  • More predictable harvests
  • Reduce rejected batches
  • Lower labor costs based on water testing
  • More efficient water recycling
  • Eliminate wasted inputs (water and chemicals)
  • Better reporting for better decision making

Cost Savings and Predictability

  • No more sampling, shipping, and third-party lab costs
  • No more manual sampling or manual equipment calibration
  • One solution covers monitoring for 30+ parameters
  • Maintenance covered by KETOS
  • $0-CAPEX: No up-front hardware costs and a low monthly fee
  • Test what you want when you want for a simple set price
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