Our Story

Founded in 2015, KETOS has worked tirelessly to transform the water industry with the goal of making water safer and sustainable for today and for future generations. KETOS has automated mission-critical testing and monitoring processes that were traditionally manual, slow, and expensive.

KETOS has addressed these issues by developing an innovative solution that delivers a vertically integrated water quality and monitoring platform with intelligent hardware, bi-directional connectivity infrastructure, interactive software, and hassle-free services, all for a predictable, flat service fee. Real-time testing and monitoring addresses both water efficiency (leak-detection and usage) and water quality (safety and composition), ultimately increasing overall water availability. With the power of actionable and predictive water intelligence on a global scale, KETOS seeks to solve a number of the world’s water challenges with the goal of preserving this quintessential resource for years to come.

The name “KETOS”, a derivative of “CETOS” referring to Orca in Greek, symbolizes our endeavor to preserve the ocean’s largest mammals, and signifies our commitment to our oceans, our water, and the planet as a whole.

We celebrate diverse thinkers and inspire each other to solve REAL problems that impact generations. 

We care about technology, people, and the planet. Bringing some of the best minds together to collaborate for a brighter future.


Our mission is to create safer, smarter, and sustainable communities around the world where the availability of clean water is no longer a privilege for only a few across the globe.


Our vision is to prevent potential disease outbreak by leveraging the power of technology and data-driven insights.


Our goal is to create new methodologies where businesses and people transform the way they think about water through smart water management for distribution, safety, and conservation on a global scale.