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Federal and State Funding for Water-Related Projects

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Improving and upgrading water and wastewater utility systems is a capital-intensive endeavor. These upgrades to water and wastewater systems are necessary to ensure safe drinking water delivery for communities and guarantee that wastewater is treated and appropriately discharged to protect water bodies, wetlands, and downstream users. State and federal funding is available for projects involving drinking water and wastewater infrastructure and improvements. However, the government is also investing in various industries, including food production and agriculture.

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Finding Federal and State Funding Initiatives for Water-Related Projects

Federal State Funding WhitepaperFederal and state funding may be available to help improve water infrastructure in various industries. With recent amendments to clean water regulations comes an influx of government funding as well. 

For example, the USDA and FDA are currently enhancing their food safety programs. Between the agencies, funding incentives and instruments (low-interest loans, disaster insurance, farm subsidies, grants, et cetera) are in place to protect supply chains. The USDA, in particular, offers a Food Safety Certification for Specialty Crop Program (a federal grant) that provides growers with financial assistance for expenses surrounding food safety.

Drinking water infrastructure projects may benefit from the WIIN Act, which addresses lead contamination, and companies managing lead pipes may also gain access to Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) or Tribal Drinking Water Infrastructure Grants, depending on their circumstances.

There are other funds, grants, low-interest loans, and more to consider, and all may benefit companies seeking solutions that will improve their water quality, usage, and/or infrastructure.

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