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Monitoring Water for Manganese With KETOS SHIELD

Need a modern approach to water quality testing that’s automated and reliable? Find out how KETOS can deliver lab-accurate monitoring of various parameters – including manganese – on-site and for less cost.

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Testing for Manganese

Monitoring Water For ManganeseDiscover KETOS SHIELD and find out how easy it is to monitor for heavy metals (like manganese) on-site, in real-time. Get a modern solution that integrates into existing infrastructure and lowers monitoring costs.

As an intelligent water management solution, KETOS SHIELD provides real-time monitoring for manganese and 30+ other water testing parameters (including other heavy metals like lead, copper, iron, and selenium). Monitoring happens within a cloud-enabled modular system that allows for safe, easy 24/7 access.

Why Monitor Water for Manganese with KETOS

While manganese is an essential nutrient and is present in many foods, our understanding of its effects is slowly changing. Previously, it was only seen as an aesthetic issue if high levels appeared in water (as it caused discoloration). However, new research now shows that high levels of manganese consumption can impact development in young children, potentially causing issues related to memory, motor function, and attention.

While the EPA advises safe levels of manganese in water to be 0.3 mg/L, the element is not currently regulated, and (at this time) there is not an enforceable limit for manganese when it comes to drinking water. The industry expects changes to manganese regulation on the horizon. The EPA has added it to UCMR4 (the 4th Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule). This rule requires public utilities serving drinking water to 10,000+ constituents to monitor for the element.

Manganese is just one of 30+ water testing parameters KETOS can monitor.

What Water Quality Parameter Do You Test Most Often?

The KETOS SHIELD remotely monitors dozens of water quality parameters. Which one do your water operators test most often?

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KETOS is a fully integrated platform that combines hardware, software, connectivity, automated reporting, predictive analytics, and maintenance to automate water monitoring and testing. KETOS enables water operators to identify and solve mission-critical water efficiency and quality challenges in real-time, or before they happen through predictive algorithms, to ensure that water meets specific quality and safety standards.

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