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KETOS is transforming quality of water testing and efficiency in the context of industrial, agricultural, and municipal applications. Complete the form below to learn more about our solutions, and we’ll be in contact soon.

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Fully Customizable Water Testing 

KETOS has installations of our WAVE and SHIELD products around the world in a variety of industries. Each setup is unique and designed to meet the needs of each organization and with the ability to test for 30+ parameters (with more added every day), completely customizable within the context of good water requirements. 

KETOS for Digital Transformation in Water Quality Monitoring

Rest easy with a solution that is both highly accurate and extremely reliable (versus traditional manual sampling or third-party lab analysis). With KETOS, you’ll get real-time on-site testing done according to your scheduling requirements. This allows you to test more often with more precision. Our devices are EPA-compliant and measure in PPB (parts per billion) for a highly accurate sample. Machines are self-calibrated and KETOS self-services hardware alongside regular software updates so that your organization is always on the cutting edge with the latest equipment and technology on-site and at your fingertips. 

Contact KETOS and Transform Your Water Quality

We work with both public and private businesses and institutions to help build an efficient, affordable monitoring system that lowers costs via an industry-leading $0-CAPEX DaaS pricing model. We’re proud of how easy and affordable we make water quality monitoring.

Do you have more questions about our solutions and how they can integrate with your existing infrastructure? Do you need to see KETOS in action? Would you like to talk to someone about running a pilot project in your organization? We’re ready to help! Please fill out the form above to contact KETOS, and one of our team members will be in touch!

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