Improving Water Quality in Automotive Manufacturing

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It’s not just in-factory processes that require attention to detail, wastewater processes in automotive manufacturing also need treatment to maintain compliance. Automating water quality testing at every stage can help organizations maintain uptime and compliance.

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Regularly Test Water for Heavy Metals

Maintain Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Balance Chemicals Right the First Time

Digital Water Technology Meets Automotive Manufacturing Best Practices

Threshold Alerts

Prevent downtime by monitoring for certain parameter spikes. Set threshold alerts and get notified so you can take action in real-time.

Interoperable Setup

Keep the infrastructure you have and make it better with KETOS. Our solution plugs right into your water systems and helps prevent data silos.

Parameter Monitoring

Test for 30+ parameters, including total hardness, temperature, dissolved solids, heavy metals (copper, iron, etc.), and more.

Automated Testing

Leverage automation for testing at regular intervals to better understand your organization’s usage and water quality.

Increase Efficiencies

Use less water in your operations, protect equipment, balance chemicals used, and recycle water more effectively.

Real-time Problem Solving Capabilities

Get an accurate real-time view of water quality for more streamlined operations and better overall water quality.

Water Quality And Automotive Manufacturing Case Study
Case Study

Removing Heavy Metals to Ensure Water Compliance

One of the largest multinational automotive manufacturing organizations in the world required a solution that could ensure NPDES permit compliance, meet corporate sustainability expectations, and increase water reuse while decreasing the use of fresh and groundwater sources. Find out how KETOS helped this automotive manufacturer overcome these challenges while gaining more visibility into their water quality.

Why Automotive Manufacturing Chooses KETOS

Process Efficiency

  • Control fluctuations to keep operations running smoothly
  • Use predictive/prescriptive analytics to understand current/future usage
  • Protect equipment from damage by setting threshold alerts
  • Balance chemicals right the first time
Water Quality And Process Efficiency In Automotive Manufacturing
Water Quality And Compliance In Automotive Manufacturing

Better Compliance

  • Test more often, with more regularity, for better water quality oversight
  • Have access to historical data to uncover water trends
  • Increase water quality transparency for oversight boards/regulatory bodies
  • Highlight ESG goals and showcase movement towards water conservation/resiliency


  • Remove manual sampling/third-party lab analysis
  • Schedule testing as often as you like for on below monthly fee
  • Monitor up to 30+ parameters consecutively in real-time
  • Customize alerts and set thresholds 
  • Devices self-clean and calibrate
Water Quality And Automation In Automotive Manufacturing

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Why Automation is Essential for Ensuring Water Quality for Automotive Manufacturing

Water quality monitoring is vital for automotive manufacturing. It ensures seamless operations across all shifts. However, maintaining a specific level of quality is also a stringent requirement when dealing with and discharging process water.

Automotive manufacturing continues to be a water-intensive process. Additionally, many multinationals have the added pressure of working towards lower consumption and more recycling to align with corporate sustainability goals. However, plant operators have a two-fold challenge: how to ensure manufacturing lines have as much uptime as possible while being as efficient and sustainable with their water usage as well.

Water quality monitoring automation helps with both challenges. Automotive manufacturers can closely monitor the water quality in their process water and boilers (to maintain healthy equipment). They can also study their usage to remove impurities more effectively at discharge and use gathered historical data to find ways to build more in more efficient water usage.

With KETOS, automotive manufacturing organizations get:

  • The ability to monitor 30+ parameters in real-time
  • Capabilities for setting threshold alerts to help protect equipment from downtime
  • Cloud-enabled data delivered right to water operators (no more third-party labs)
  • Predictive and prescriptive analysis to find and exploit water usage efficiencies

With KETOS, companies gain more control over their water. As a result of implementing a KETOS product, water operators can act faster when quality changes happen to increase uptime and keep operations running smoothly across every shift – while still working towards more environmentally sustainable practices.

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