KETOS SHIELD Expands Water Quality Monitoring Capabilities    Read More
KETOS SHIELD Expands Water Quality Monitoring Capabilities
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Reduce Water Contamination Risks
for Municipalities

Municipalities are able to autonomously measure dozens of parameters including heavy metals, receiving threshold-based alerts and water quality reports in real-time.

City Utilities

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Ensure water Authority’s reputation

Monitor dozens of critical contaminants in real-time including heavy metals

Private Water Companies

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reduce Costs with autonomous water testing

Cost savings – no more manual testing, sampling, or maintenance

Developing Countries

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monetize & manage distribution

Control water distribution – reduce water shortages

KETOS for Municipalities

Citizens expect water that is safe, consistent, and available. What was once assumed, safe water from the tap, has become a concern for many people around the country. In light of highly-publicized water quality failures at municipalities, citizens are calling into question the ability of public works departments to provide safe and consistent water.

Meanwhile, the necessary investments have not been made to improve infrastructure and municipalities are expected to do more with less while operational measures, controls, and regulations have become more stringent.

As safe water becomes a heightened public concern, water operators run the risk of damaging reputations that have taken years to build and maintain. As a result, public works departments must find ways to reduce cost, become more agile and efficient as regulations change, and most importantly ensure the public’s trust.

Additionally, aging infrastructure across the nation calls for proactive repairs where complete replacements aren’t possible with available funding. The KETOS solution is ideal for scenarios where targeted repair areas and contaminated sites can be identified and rectified in a timely manner at a fraction of the cost while maintaining constituent satisfaction.

The KETOS water quality testing and monitoring platform enables municipal water operators to automate water quality testing and monitoring. It is a vertically integrated water intelligence platform with autonomously functioning smart hardware, bi-directional connectivity infrastructure, interactive software, and hassle-free services, all for a predictable, flat service fee.

Because the KETOS solution is a fully integrated offering, it includes real-time threshold-based alerts and custom reporting with parts per billion (ppb) specificity, sensitivity, and industry-standard lab accuracy. Data collected can instantly identify, and alert users of water quality and water usage issues to ensure product quality, consistency, and reliability.

How It Works

Municipality How It Works

KETOS Return On Investment For Municipalities

Ensure Water Quality - For
Generations to Come

Monitor for contaminants in real-time for a fraction of the cost, time, and effort.