Improving Water Quality in Chemical Manufacturing

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Chemical manufacturing requires proactive testing to maintain compliance. However, the process of water sampling can be expensive and labor-intensive. With automation via KETOS, organizations are finding game-changing efficiencies for day-to-day operations.

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Improve Water Conservation

Ensure Water Quality Compliance

Integrate Actionable Water Metrics

Digital Water Technology Meets Chemical Manufacturing Best Practices

Threshold Alerts

Prevent downtime by monitoring for certain parameter spikes. Set threshold alerts and get notified so you can protect batches and equipment in real-time.

Lower Labor Costs

Automate testing to remove the need for on-site manual sampling and expensive third-party lab analysis.

Parameter Monitoring

Test for 30+ parameters, including total hardness, temperature, dissolved solids, heavy metals (copper, iron, etc.), and more.

Maintenance-free Functionality

KETOS devices self-clean and calibrate, and KETOS covers maintenance requirements for equipment via a low, monthly, $0-CAPEX fee.

Better Compliance

Automated testing and reporting allow operators to catch problems quickly and comply with local regulations.

Real-time Problem Solving Capabilities

Get an accurate real-time view of water quality for more streamlined operations and better overall water quality.

Water Quality And Chemical Manufacturing Case Study
Case Study

Preventing Future Lapses in Compliance with KETOS

A Fortune 500 multinational conglomerate chemical manufacturer had been cited in litigation related to health and environmental complaints. As a result, the plant operations team needed to proactively understand the composition of its water matrix on a 24/7 basis. Learn how they were able to leverage historical views, trend analysis, and even predictive intelligence to improve water quality, site operations, and overall efficiency.

Why Chemical Manufacturing Chooses KETOS

Better Compliance

  • Test more often, with more regularity, for better water quality oversight
  • Have access to historical data to uncover water trends
  • Increase water quality transparency for oversight boards/regulatory bodies
  • Highlight ESG goals and showcase movement towards water conservation/resiliency
Water Quality And Compliance In Chemical Manufacturing
Water Quality And Cost Savings In Chemical Manufacturing

Cost Savings

  • No more manual sampling 
  • No need for third-party lab analysis
  • $0-CAPEX 
  • All aspects of water monitoring covered under a low monthly fee

Process Efficiency

  • Plugs into pre-existing infrastructure
  • Monitor up to 30+ parameters at once from one place
  • Customize alerts and set thresholds 
  • Works with existing systems (including SCADA) to help centralize data
Water Quality And Process Efficiency In Chemical Manufacturing

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Why Automation is Essential for Ensuring Water Quality for Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing requires careful calibration of water quality on several fronts. However, companies are often short-staffed in this labor-intensive market, and taking manual samples takes time and human personnel. Manual labor is also required to balance chemicals and to check, clean, and maintain analyzers and equipment.

With KETOS, water quality monitoring becomes automated. The need to pull physical samples and calibrate testing equipment is no longer a part of daily tasks, saving, on average, two to six hours of work.

Pro-active testing also allows companies to stay on top of compliance and protect their equipment from damage. Results are real-time (instead of the typical seven to ten-day turnaround of third-party labs).

By automating water quality testing with KETOS, chemical manufacturing organizations benefit from:

  • Real-time testing of 30+ parameters (including environmental factors, heavy metals, and inorganics)
  • EPA-compliant results measured in ppb
  • The ability to set threshold alerts to protect equipment better
  • Centralized reporting and customizable dashboards for easy on-site analysis
KETOS is making it easier for chemical manufacturing organizations to monitor their water quality throughout their production process and better respond to chemical imbalances with less manual labor required and lower operational costs.

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