Improving Water Quality in Food Production

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In meat processing and food production, it is essential to maintain consistent product quality and to ensure regulatory compliance in the wastewater discharged after use. With KETOS, water quality and composition become reliable and predictable with real-time lab-accurate autonomous testing.

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Monitor Wastewater Compliance

Improve Operational Efficiency

Eliminate Manual Water Sampling

Digital Water Technology Meets Food Production Best Practices

Quality Control

Understand your water composition so that your final product output becomes more predictable, with fewer wasted batches.

Water Conservation

Many food production approaches are heavy on water usage. With KETOS, you can easily balance the chemical composition, allowing more efficient use.

Lab-accurate, Real-Time Results

Our results are delivered in real-time and with lab accuracy, giving you the peace of mind of knowing the readings you get are timely and precise.

Decrease Product Rejections

With water composition continuously monitored, you can avoid spikes or delays in action for more predictable deliverables.

Threshold Alerts

Set your parameters so that if any environmental changes happen, you can address the issue and maintain water consistency immediately from anywhere.

Monitoring of 30+ Parameters

KETOS monitors for nutrients (Nitrates, etc.), environmental factors (pH, ORP, alkalinity, etc.), heavy metals (lead, arsenic), and inorganics.

Water Quality And Food Production Case Study
Case Study

Maintaining Compliance with Automated Water Monitoring

Water testing can take up dozens of hours in many operations. Read our case study to discover how one meat processing plant was able to save 120 hours of manual sample collection time in the first 40 days of using KETOS SHIELD – and how they caught variances that would have been missed had they relied on prior manual testing methods.

Why KETOS for Food Production

Wastewater Compliance

  • Receive alerts during parameters spikes to better control quality
  • Avoid fees associated with non-compliance
  • Precise water quality data for reporting (in ppb)
  • EPA-compliant
Water Quality And Wastewater Control In Food Production
Process Efficiency In Food Production

Process Efficiency

  • Reduced batch rejection rates
  • Lowered labor costs based on water testing
  • Elimination of wasted inputs (water and chemicals)
  • Predictive/prescriptive analysis for better decision making

Cost Savings

  • No more third-party lab costs/manual sampling
  • One solution covers monitoring for 30+ parameters
  • KETOS covers calibration and maintenance
  • $0-CAPEX: No up-front hardware costs and a low monthly fee
  • Test what you want, when you want, for a simple set price
Water Quality And Cost Savings In Food Processing

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Why Automation is Essential for Guaranteed Quality in Food Production

Water quality may vary at various processing stages and across factories. For example, the water needs for products such as infant formula, produce preparation, and meat processing differs substantially. Finding a solution that is flexible enough to fit the needs of existing food production setups is essential. After all, many operations have different water requirements and may require water testing at influent and effluent locations. Some operations need water recycling or are introducing water efficiency practices into their processes.

Others must ensure compliance with wastewater regulations. Automating these various tasks across the value chain makes tracking and controlling water usage more manageable. 

Previously, food production operations required manual sampling and third-party lab reports to understand their water quality and composition. However, with the adoption of digital water technologies, companies can remove these mundane tasks and automate water testing to make water quality monitoring and reporting cheaper, more efficient, and more accessible.

With KETOS, food producers can:

  • Monitor for 30+ parameters (including heavy metals such as lead and arsenic)
  • Customize threshold alerts to protect equipment and product quality
  • Test water at every stage of food production with ease
  • Centralize water quality data in one easy-to-read, cloud-enabled dashboard
  • Gather data in real-time for on-the-fly decision making

KETOS is modular and interoperable, meaning you can place monitoring devices at any point in your existing infrastructure for real-time lab-accurate readings. With KETOS, food producers can use less water, recycle water more efficiently, protect their water quality, and avoid regulatory fines for pennies on the dollar.

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