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Bringing the best minds together to collaborate for a brighter future is essential to the KETOS mission. Our Research & Data Science community consists of an incredible group of members from research centers, scientific backgrounds, foundations, non-profits, institutions, and more.

When your organization or network partners with KETOS, you’ll be helping expand what’s possible as water the technology intersects. We’re constantly exploring both local international research and development projects that help communities gain access to clean, safe drinking water.

Why Further Research into Water Quality is Important

Water is a part of production in every industry imaginable. Moreover, it’s a resource that local businesses and surrounding communities draw from collectively to sustain themselves. However, groundwater, surface water, and other freshwater resources are becoming endangered in even traditionally water-rich areas due to:

  • climate change
  • long periods of drought
  • overdrawing of local supplies
  • contamination events

Finding ways to monitor water can help protect local supplies. More importantly, leveraging technology that can automate processes, find efficiencies, reduce usage, and do so with minimal human intervention (automation) for less cost can help communities prioritize quality of water and sustainability interventions.

Protecting Water is Being Prioritized

As companies begin to more seriously consider ESG and communities recognize what day zero for water could mean to their way of life, there is a consistent call for more organizations to invest in water and digital water technology that can solve issues around water usage and quality.

In addition, every day, science reveals how specific parameters, primarily overlooked, need to be further monitored or even removed from water supplies to protect ecosystems and local communities. Items such as:

  • PFAS
  • Lead in pipes
  • Heavy metals
  • Nitrates

can affect communities in tangible ways that have knock-on effects within a neighboring ecosystem. However, even communities miles away can be affected by low-quality water. For example, coastal communities are witnessing more algal blooms created by midwest agricultural practices hundreds of miles upriver. PFAS can enter drinking water resources via rainfall. Our actions have larger and more significant impacts on the environment, and finding ways to change destructive patterns can help improve resiliency for entire regions.

Supporting Digital Water Technology in Public and Private Sectors

At KETOS, we’re already in the business of building resiliency into water quality. However, there’s always more to do. Companies seek solutions to meet regulatory, compliance, and ESG goals, increase sector resiliency, improve efficiencies, or lower costs. All of these goals are attainable while protecting water resources. Finding new ways to monitor and protect water isn’t just good for the environment and local communities. It’s good for business too.

Interested in Water-Related Research and Development?

A big part of the KETOS ethos is making water safe, clean, and accessible for everyone. Do you share the same vision? Whether you are a public or private organization, if you’re working with water, or have programs geared towards water quality and conservation, we’re interested in learning more.

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