Improving Water Quality at Mining Companies

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Mining companies can automate water quality testing with KETOS to track over 30+ parameters – including heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and selenium – to ensure water used or returned to the environment meets regulatory compliance requirements.

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Improve Water Quality & ESG Reporting

Automate Water Testing at Regular Intervals

Prevent Environmental Contamination

Digital Water Technology Meets Best Practices at Mining Companies

Modular Hardware

KETOS strategically monitors influent, effluent, recycled, and surrounding water from one place.

Interoperable Setup

Keep the infrastructure you have and make it better with KETOS. Our solution plugs right into existing systems and helps prevent data silos.

Parameter Monitoring

Test for 30+ parameters and set threshold alerts to warn personnel of environmental spikes or contamination events.

Automated Testing

Leverage automation for testing at regular intervals to better understand your mine’s usage and water quality.

Water Conservation

Use less water in your operations, balance water chemicals, and recycle water more effectively.

Real-time Problem Solving Capabilities

Get an accurate real-time view of water quality to protect equipment better and prevent environmental contamination.

Water Quality And Mining Case Study
Case Study

How One Mining Company Saved Over 20 Hours/Month

Using KETOS, mines can reduce manual labor and increase efficiency in water usage. Learn how one multinational mining and metals company is saving 20 hours a month in manual water sampling and gaining insights into treatment effectiveness and equipment performance (e.g., filters) for even more cost efficiency.

Why Mining Companies Choose KETOS

Customization, Modular Setups, and Interoperability

  • Plugs into pre-existing infrastructure
  • Choose from 30+ parameters and test what you need to test in one place
  • Customize alerts and set thresholds 
  • Modular hardware to work across all water-related operations
  • Works with existing systems (including SCADA) to help centralize data
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Regulatory, Environmental, and Community Oversight

  • Test more often, with more regularity for better water quality oversight
  • Have access to historical data to uncover water trends
  • Catch contamination before it spreads to help protect the environment/surrounding communities
  • Increase water quality transparency for oversight boards/regulatory bodies
  • Use KETOS to highlight ESG goals and showcase movement towards water conservation/resiliency

Cost Savings for Water Sampling

  • No more third-party lab costs/manual sampling
  • Calibration and maintenance covered by KETOS
  • $0-CAPEX: No up-front hardware costs and a low monthly fee
  • Continuously updating capabilities gives users access to the most advanced technology
  • Test what you want, when you want, for a simple set price
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Interested in Learning More?

Why Automation is Essential for Ensuring Water Quality for Mining Companies

Mining companies typically have high regulator standards to meet in terms of water remediation. However, requirements aren’t standardized and may vary from country to country, state to state, or region to region. 

Complying with regulations requires operators to monitor various parameters and contaminants. Testing takes time, capital, and a large amount of manual labor. Often, mines must take manual samples and send them to third-party labs for testing and analysis. However, dealing with issues is delayed when water sampling is inconsistent. 

A system that can bridge that gap and allow on-site sampling ensures water testing at regular intervals with results at an operator’s fingertips in minutes – not days. 

With KETOS, mining companies get:

  • An automated system that can test as often as required for a variety of parameters (30+)
  • Modular hardware that can be placed strategically throughout a mine’s operations
  • Robust technology that can work in all conditions (indoor/outdoor, rain or shine)
  • Customizable threshold alerts to allow for water-related decision-making in-real-time

Manual testing is no longer required when mining companies leverage KETOS. And with a cloud-enabled dashboard, water operators can receive and review their readings in real-time, take advantage of predictive/prescriptive analytics to see around corners, and have reporting available for regulatory bodies and oversight boards.

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