Improving Water Quality in Consumer Goods Manufacturing

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Consumer Goods manufacturing can grind to a halt when water quality is out of balance, which makes maintaining it essential to daily operations. Automating water quality can save thousands of dollars a month and dozens of hours of unexpected manual labor costs.

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Decrease Water Usage and Equipment Downtime

Ensure Water Quality Compliance

Integrate Actionable Water Metrics

Digital Water Technology Meets Consumer Goods Manufacturing Best Practices

Increase Uptime

Leverage automation for testing at regular intervals to better control water conditions to avoid equipment downtime.

Alerts and Notifications

Monitor for certain parameter spikes. Set threshold alerts and get notified so you can take action in real-time.

Interoperable Setup

Keep the infrastructure you have and make it better with KETOS. Our solution plugs right into existing systems to prevent data silos.

Parameter Monitoring

Test for 30+ parameters, including environmental factors, heavy metals (copper, iron, etc.), inorganics, and more.

Increase Efficiencies

Use less water in your operations, protect equipment, balance chemicals used, and recycle water more effectively.

Real-time Problem Solving Capabilities

Get an accurate real-time view of water quality for more streamlined operations and more informed decision-making.

Water Quality At Consumer Goods Manufacturing Case Study
Case Study

Maximize Production Output with KETOS

To meet deliverables expectations, consumer goods manufacturers need to ensure their operations have as close to 100% uptime as possible. Learn how one Fortune 500 consumer goods manufacturer leverages KETOS SHIELD to improve water quality, uptime, and production capacity – while gaining a 15% rate of return.

Why Consumer Goods Manufacturers Choose KETOS

Process Proficiency

  • Control fluctuations to maintain smooth operations
  • Predictive/prescriptive analytics for understanding current/future trends
  • Protect equipment from damage with customizable threshold alerts
  • Balance chemicals accurately every time
Water Quality And Process Efficiency At Consumer Goods Manufacturing
Water Quality And Streamlined Data At Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Streamlined Data

  • Monitor for 30+ parameters consecutively
  • A visual, customizable dashboard for one view of all KPIs
  • Access real-time data from anywhere (via phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
  • Easy data warehousing for historical tracking of water quality

Cost Savings

  • No more third-party lab costs
  • Plugs into pre-existing infrastructure
  • $0-CAPEX with no up-front hardware costs
  • Continuously updated capabilities for the most advanced technology year after year
  • Test what you want, when you want, for a simple monthly set price
Water Quality And Cost Savings At Consumer Goods Manufacturing

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Why Automation is Essential for Ensuring Water Quality for Consumer Goods

Water operators in Consumer Goods manufacturing have deliverables and quotas they need to hit to ensure contract fulfillment. Any unscheduled downtime can throw off expectations. One primary challenge for many companies, for example, is boiler uptime. If a boiler is down, it has a knock-on effect across shifts and operations. The health of process water is also a concern, as is the balance of chemicals in mill tanks. 

However, boiler uptime, mill tanks, and process water are manageable with careful, balanced water treatment. By automating water quality testing, water operators can quickly assess the health of boiler water to keep chemical balances in line with optimal operational efficiency. Automating water testing also allows operators to set threshold alerts to get immediately notified if there’s a spike in specific parameters (like total harness, orthophosphates, calcium, and more).

With KETOS, consumer goods water operators get a solution that can:

  • Monitor for water quality 24/7/365
  • Send cloud-enabled updates to water operators on/off-site
  • Monitor from multiple locations (with a modular setup) at once while centralizing reports
  • Set threshold alerts to watch for parameter spikes that may affect uptime

KETOS doesn’t just automate the on-site water quality monitoring. Instead, it allows organizations to keep their water data in-house and removes the need for third-party testing and reporting. As a result, companies gain more control over their water quality and can act faster on water quality changes to increase uptime and keep operations running smoothly across every shift.

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