Smart Water Management with the KETOS WAVE

Monitor essential water efficiency metrics like flow, pressure, and volume in real-time with the patented and award-winning KETOS WAVE.

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Solution Overview

Water operators need a solution that can help them understand water usage in order to better conserve water supplies. It’s a big life, with many variables leading to water loss. However, operators that can understand usage patterns and detect irregularities or pressure changes (that may indicate main breaks or leaks) have a better chance of protecting infrastructure, reducing costs, and conserving water.

The feature-rich KETOS WAVE enables water operators to understand water utilization and customer behavior, accurately forecast, detect flow and pressure anomalies, identify leaks at a single location or across a distributed network in real time, and shut off the system remotely until maintenance can be performed. 

Unlike siloed solutions on the market today, the KETOS WAVE is an advanced smart metering solution that is vertically integrated and combines IoT hardware, a smart connected real-time network, software, and machine learning to increase resource efficiency, improve operating decisions, and improve overall grid management beyond commercially available AMI/AMR for utility managers. In addition, operators can maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by boosting water conservation and getting proactive broadcasted alerts, emails, and announcements via the mobile app. Having a solution that offers predictive maintenance also helps reduce costs to organizations, allowing them to be proactive and handle infrastructure warning signs before issues get out of hand (and expensive).

Product Specifications

AWWA Approved Specifications


5.63″L x 3.5″W x 3.13″H


1.87 lbs.


NSF 61 and NSF 372

Pressure Sensing

75 PSI


Self-power and Plug-in power options available


Male 3/4″, 1• NPT

Flow Sensing Mechanism

Patented technique

Flow Rate (3/4 inch)

Optimized for low flows; 0.5 L/min up to 80 L/min


Tested for earthquake resistance and heavy rains in outdoor use


Waterproof (IP68), break-proof, made with weather-resistant durable materials


Cellular (4G) for backhaul from gateway/ RF (LoRa) Network available based on scale and design of deployment from the KETOS WAVE hardware.

KETOS Awards

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