KETOS: Providing Real-Time Water Quality Insights for Agriculture

With KETOS, agriculture, and food production, water operators can improve yield and product quality while reducing rejected batches. Monitoring becomes automated and happens in real-time to save time and costs while improving accuracy and reliability.

KETOS: Improving Water Quality in Agricultural and Food Production Applications

Consumers have high expectations for food-grade products and expect everything from fresh produce to processed foods and beverages to be safe to consume and of consistent quality. There is also a growing need for food and beverage producers to meet specific sustainability criteria. In today’s competitive market, modern consumers continue to seek out brands that practice sustainable approaches alongside traditional quality guarantees. Organizations that balance sustainability with quality won’t just be saving money. They’ll be protecting their business and building trust with an ever-observant consumer base. As consumer expectations continue to rise, farmers, food processors, and bottlers must continue to source innovative ways to meet consumer expectations by adopting more affordable, resilient, and efficient means of production. This new normal in agriculture and food processing is driving innovation in all areas of the industry, including in protected agriculture (greenhouse, floating covers, vertical farming, etc.), open-field farming, food processing, food safety, and bottling. 
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Water quality and conservation are of critical importance in agricultural applications, especially where nutrient management, water availability, water quality, consistency, or product safety is essential. It will also take on further importance in areas of the country where water availability and the health of natural water sources come into question and becomes less certain.

For many growers and processors, poor nutrient management, a lack of water, low water quality, inconsistent or varied water sources, contamination, the wrong balance of chemicals or nutrients, and safety concerns can significantly impact revenue and profitability. However, technological solutions are making it easier than ever to manage water quality and act in real-time to on-the-ground conditions. This has allowed many organizations to save money, protect equipment, and better predict deliverables.

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KETOS: Digital Water Technology for Agriculture, Food, and Beverage Production

The KETOS water quality testing and monitoring platform enable growers, processors, and bottlers to automate water quality testing and monitoring. As a vertically integrated water intelligence platform with proprietary, patented hardware, bi-directional connectivity infrastructure, interactive software, and hassle-free services, KETOS delivers real-time monitoring for a fraction of the cost of traditional manual sampling and lab analysis. It also helps save time and reduce manual labor while maintaining lab accuracy. The result: once implemented, customers commonly see an ROI within days or weeks.

KETOS is modular and interoperable, allowing it to seamlessly plug into existing water infrastructure within any operational setup. Water operators can monitor for 30+ parameters (including environmental factors such as temperature, heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, and more). Operators can also set threshold-based alerts to act fast during parameter spikes to help protect both equipment and product quality. 

Reporting is lab accurate and presented with parts per billion (ppb) specificity. With access to regular data and analysis, organizations can ensure both product reliability and regulator compliance across every aspect of their water-related operations.

How KETOS Works

Agriculture How It Works

Indoor Agriculture

IndooragricultureDiscover How You Can

Measure and manage water quality (nutrients, temperature, pH, salinity, heavy metals, inorganics)

Food & Beverage

Food &Amp; Beverage Case StudyDiscover How You Can

Monitor Full lifecycle

Ensure product consistency, customer satisfaction, and safety

Open Field

Open Field Case StudyDiscover How You Can
Monitor Product quality & consistency

Protect crops from excess fertilization. Conserve and manage water from surface and ground

Reduce Rejection Rates & Costs

Make operations more reliable and efficient with the award-winning KETOS Water Quality Platform.
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