Improving Water Quality at Beverage Companies

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Beverage companies rely on water quality to deliver premium products that taste great across every batch. Autonomously monitor water quality with KETOS to test over 30 parameters while also maintaining compliance and regulatory standards.

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Understand Water Composition

Ensure Water Quality Compliance

Decrease Product Rejections

Digital Water Technology Meets Processing Best Practices for Beverage Companies

Quality Control

Understand your water composition so that your final product output becomes more predictable, with fewer wasted batches.

Prescriptive Filtration

Capture real-time data related to filter performance and leverage KETOS machine learning to prescribe when filters should be replaced.

Lab-accurate, Real-Time Results

Our results are delivered in real-time and with lab accuracy, giving you the peace of mind of knowing the readings you get are timely and precise.

Decrease Product Rejections

With water composition continuously monitored, you can avoid spikes or delays in action for more predictable quality and taste.

Reduce Costs

Reduce time and expense associated with manual labor and outsourcing of sample collection and lab testing.

Monitoring of 30+ Parameters

KETOS monitors for nutrients, environmental factors (pH, ORP, alkalinity, etc.), heavy metals (lead, arsenic), and inorganics.

Water Quality At Beverage Companies Case Study
Case Study

Ensure Consistent Product Quality with KETOS

When beverage companies draw from water sources, they need to deal with compliance and quality control. Read how KETOS was able to help one brewing company with a full lifecycle remediation process and how they were able to automate water quality testing for a more streamlined approach to monitoring.

Why KETOS for Beverage Companies

Avoiding Fees Related to Compliance

  • Receive alerts during parameters spikes for better quality control 
  • Avoid non-compliance fines
  • Receive data in exact measurements for accurate reporting (in ppb)
  • EPA-compliant results
  • Lab-accurate results for easy reporting and historical accuracy
Water Quality And Compliance At Beverage Companies
Water Quality And Process Efficiency At Beverage Companies

Process Efficiency

  • Reduced batch rejection rates
  • Lowered labor costs surrounding water quality testing
  • Elimination of wasted inputs (water and chemicals)
  • Automated scheduled sampling
  • Predictive/prescriptive analysis for better decision making

Cost Savings

  • Phase out third-party lab costs/manual sampling
  • Monitor 30+ parameters in real-time
  • KETOS covers calibration and maintenance
  • $0-CAPEX: No up-front installation/hardware costs and a low monthly fee
Water Quality And Cost Savings At Beverage Companies

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Why Automation is Essential for Guaranteed Quality in Beverage Companies

Beverage companies must monitor water quality to ensure product quality and taste consistency across batches. They also may require active monitoring to ensure that the water they pull from – specifically groundwater – complies with local regulations.

Some organizations may pull their water supplies from multiple sources, including municipal and groundwater supplies, which would require quality monitoring. The result is a multifaceted approach to sampling, with different areas potentially requiring monitoring simultaneously. Manual labor on-site is needed to pull the requisite samples, coupled with third-party lab costs can begin to get expensive. However, with automation, beverage companies not only get a better understanding of their water quality but can also lower costs.

Using KETOS, water samples can be pulled from multiple sources at once for complete lifecycle monitoring. Automation can help beverage companies know when filters need replacing and the level of filter performance to ensure consistent quality and taste. Automation also allows them to act fast if there are spikes in specific parameters, ensuring they stay compliant with local regulatory bodies.

With KETOS, beverage companies:

  • Stay compliant with regular real-time testing
  • Test for 30+ parameters at once 
  • Get historical data for predictive maintenance and prescriptive filtration
  • Reduce time/expense associated with manual sampling/lab testing 

While water operators get a better understanding of the water quality at every step of the production process, companies spend just pennies on the dollar for automated testing and state-of-the-art devices installed into existing infrastructure without high upfront costs.

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