Improving Water Quality at Municipal Utilities

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By leveraging automated water quality testing, municipal utilities can avoid water contamination risks, track water usage, protect infrastructure, uncover revenue streams, and stay fully compliant. Build a more substantial, more resilient water utility with KETOS. 

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Ensure Compliance and Safety

Recycle Water More Efficiently

Balance Chemicals Accurately

Digital Water Technology Meets Best Practices at Municipal Utilities

Chemical Management

Balance your chemicals accurately and exactly when needed to ensure water quality and protect pre-existing infrastructure.

Water Conservation

Communities everywhere are growing more water conscious. We help them better track water usage to help predict future needs.

Lab-accurate, Real-Time Results

Our results are delivered in real-time and are lab-accurate, giving you the peace of mind of knowing the readings you get are timely and precise.

Predictive/Prescriptive Insights

Have a better understanding of your existing infrastructure to predict equipment wear and tear better, saving on downtime and replacement costs.

Threshold Alerts

Set your parameters so that if any environmental changes happen, you can address the issue and maintain water consistency for your constituents on the fly.

Monitoring of 30+ Parameters

KETOS monitors for environmental factors (pH, conductivity, pressure, etc.), heavy metals (lead, arsenic, copper, etc.), and inorganics.

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Case Study

Greater Efficiency and Peace of Mind with KETOS

No matter the size of your municipality, KETOS can be a game-changer. Read our case study to learn how the third-largest city in New Mexico (with a water utility serving 100,000+ constituents) leveraged KETOS to help keep up with daily monitoring and to track arsenic fluctuations.

Why Munipical Utilities Choose KETOS

Real-time Process Control

  • Threshold alerts for the moment water quality changes
  • Monitoring for 30+ parameters on schedule/in real-time
  • Adjust chemical balance on the fly to protect drinking water supplies
  • Water tested at every stage. Operators know the health of local water supplies at all times
Real Time Process Control Municipal
Process Efficiency Municipal Min

Process Efficiency

  • Understand water usage to charge appropriately during peak usage 
  • More efficient water recycling
  • Elimination of wasted inputs (water and chemicals)
  • Better reporting for better decision-making 
  • Continuously updating capabilities gives users access to the most advanced technology

Labor Savings

  • Removes the need for third-party labs/manual sampling
  • Helps protect equipment, resulting in less maintenance
  • Automates testing across operations to remove human intervention
  • One solution monitors for 30+ parameters simultaneously
  • KETOS handles calibration and maintenance under its low monthly fee
Water Quality And Labor Savings At Municipal Utilities

Interested in Learning More?

Why Automation is Essential for Ensuring Water Quality for Municipal Utilities

Across the country, municipal utilities are looking for ways to update existing/aging infrastructure in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. They’re also sensitive to water quality regulations, working hard to avoid violations and fines. However, many are dealing with constrained budgets and remain concerned that tackling digital transformation is beyond their capabilities. This is far from reality.

Automation is helping bridge the gap between aging infrastructure and advanced water quality monitoring. In fact, automation can help municipalities avoid contamination events by allowing for more regular testing of water supplies. Utilities are getting a jump on future best practices by implementing solutions that leverage IoT, are seamless enough to plug into existing operations, and can remove the need for manual interventions. 

With KETOS, water operators at municipal utilities get:

  • An automated system that can test as often as needed
  • Lab-accurate readings of 30+ parameters (including many heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, and copper)
  • Customizable threshold alerts for meaningful decision-making in real-time
  • Predictive and prescriptive analysis to help understand community usage

The need for manual testing is a thing of the past, with KETOS helping your municipality direct resources to more critical areas. With a cloud-enabled dashboard, water operators get their readings in real-time to help adjust operations on the fly. And, with a compact, interoperable, modular design, the monitoring hardware can be placed anywhere within the organization, allowing for monitoring water quality and activity without the need to reimagine existing infrastructure.

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