Produced Water and Water Quality

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Produced Water and Water Quality

As regulations become more stringent and communities closely monitor oil and gas operations, water operators must ensure they are doing produced water testing, treating their produced water according to compliance standards, and meeting specific environmental requirements and safety standards.

Produced water often needs to be treated before operators can safely return it to the surrounding environment, and, to do so, operators must understand the produced water’s makeup so that chemicals, heavy metals, and dissolved solids can be identified and removed. Effective produced water testing on-site helps make it easier for operators to responsibly remediate their water supplies and protect the environment from unnecessary contamination. 

Each operation has its own unique produced water composition, requiring different parameters and contaminants to be tracked and removed. In addition, many oil and gas operations have wells across a large geographic area, with soil and water conditions often unique to each location. This can make it challenging to manage produced water testing approaches that require manual, in-person interventions. With trips to each site necessary, the task for produced water testing can become extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive, which means that it takes longer to collect samples and to act on results (that, if studied by a third-party lab after collection, may take days or weeks to reveal themselves).

For this reason, many water operators are looking for modular, autonomous solutions that can test produced water for various parameters on-site, often in challenging conditions. 

Produced Water

Autonomous Water Quality Monitoring for Produced Water

The KETOS SHIELD gives water operators real-time visibility into the makeup of their produced water to understand contaminant removal requirements and to monitor whether or not treatment processes have been successful. The KETOS analytics platform monitors for over 30 parameters, including salinity and heavy metals, allowing water operators to tailor their monitoring to their specific needs – even if those requirements vary well to well or location to location. 

As a modular solution, KETOS hardware can be placed at multiple strategic points to handle produced water testing in real-time and with ppb lab accuracy. The hardware is robust and can handle outdoor installations and rugged locations without affecting sampling or data collection. As a result, water operators can easily place devices at various locations, inside or out, and centrally monitor their entire produced water network without traveling to each individual site. This cuts down on a variety of costs, from labor to handheld device maintenance, to third-party lab fees.

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Case Study

Produced Water Case Study

Produced water has its own unique set of challenges. For example, many operators, especially in oil and gas, have hundreds of square miles to cover and dozens of variables that need tracking. From failed instrumentation to an inability to detect heavy metals autonomously, find out how one midstream oil and gas company (with hundreds of miles of infrastructure) used KETOS to test their effluent water. Discover how the company was able to set up alerts and build a system that could withstand outdoor elements for a more controlled, predictable, and robust water quality monitoring system and how we delivered insights that were impossible to get with any of their other existing onsite processes. 

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Did you know

In America, 2.5 billion gallons of produced water is extracted along with oil and gas daily.

Water is essential in drilling, pressure maintenance, and all stages of production.

Unconventional oil and gas extraction has brought environmental concerns, especially related to water, to the forefront.

What Water Quality Parameter Do You Test Most Often?

The KETOS SHIELD remotely monitors dozens of water quality parameters. Which one do your water operators test most often?

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