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KETOS SHIELD Expands Water Quality Monitoring Capabilities
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Data-driven Controls for Industrial Water Quality

Transforming how water operators measure, track, and control acute limits for water contamination, including heavy metals, in real-time

Oil & Gas

oil & gas case studyDiscover How You Can
operate consistently & predictably

Operate consistently without having to calibrate, clean and repair failed instruments

Power Plants

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Ensure Compliance
Identify anomalies and pre-empt potential compliance issues


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Eliminate time & Expense of manual testing & reporting
Establish proactive testing and treatment processes

Water Analytics Overview

Real-time water intelligence and process controls are an essential part of any water-centric manufacturing process and critical to ensuring uptime and product quality. Water quality managers can no longer rely on manual systems and processes to ensure either the quality of inlet and recycled water – or the safety and compliance of produced water and effluent. Proper monitoring of water quality is essential within industrial facilities to ensure that water used for boilers, cooling, wastewater, or other industrial water systems is sufficiently managed.

Only a comprehensive, proactive monitoring system can ensure product quality, enable compliance adherence, prevent unscheduled downtime, and allow water managers to detect and respond to events before a potential shutdown.

In addition, compliance monitoring – particularly of effluent, produced and recycled water – is essential to a holistic water strategy so manufacturers are able to meet stringent safety, compliance, and sustainability standards.

The KETOS water quality testing and monitoring platform enables water operators to automate water quality testing and monitoring. It is a vertically integrated water intelligence platform with intelligent hardware, bi-directional connectivity infrastructure, interactive software, and hassle-free services, all for a predictable, flat service fee.

Because the KETOS solution is fully integrated, it includes real-time threshold-based alerts and reporting with parts per billion (ppb) specificity and industry-standard lab accuracy. Data collected can instantly identify, and alert users of, water quality and water usage issues to ensure product quality, consistency, and reliability.

How It Works

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KETOS Return on Investment for Industrial Applications

Data-Driven Decisions In Real-Time

Automate water quality with inlet water testing, effluent testing, analysis, and compliance.