KETOS Investors

Through the partnership and support of KETOS investors, we aim to disrupt the water industry with the power of technology and data science.

Meet the KETOS Investors

KETOS’ most recent investor is Accenture, and the company currently participates in Unreasonable CHANGE, an Accenture/Unreasonable collaboration designed to support companies addressing critical environmental issues that affect business. Accenture’s investment in KETOS reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Other strategic partners and KETOS investors include, Rethink Impact, Motley Fool Ventures, and Nia Global Solutions. You can find a complete list of KETOS investors here:

Motley Fool Ventures Investor
City Ventures Investor
Plug And Play Investor
Ajax Strategies Investor
One World Investor Investor
Better Ventures Investor
Salix Ventures Investor
Apsara Capital Investor
Nia Global Solutions Investor
Rethink Impact Investor
Broadway Angels Investor
Plum Alley Investor
Illuminated Funds Group Investor

KETOS Water Industry Applications

KETOS is already making waves in the water industry. From Fortune 500 companies to fast-growing municipalities, KETOS is helping water operators monitor and manage their water supplies. See how a variety of public and private organizations are applying KETOS technology to their water operations in our case study library.
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KETOS: Changing the Water Industry from the Inside Out

KETOS remains a unique organization and has proven to be of particular interest to a wide variety of investors that seek innovative approaches to big problems. Throughout history, water quality has challenged communities, and while infrastructure has improved, building digital innovation into the water industry has been challenging.

By integrating modern digital solutions (like AI, machine learning, automation, and IoT) into water monitoring, KETOS has illustrated how integral digital solutions can be to production output and infrastructure longevity. Additionally, with applications in both public and private enterprises, KETOS investors are in a unique position to have their funds produce real impact. Via KETOS, better water monitoring can ensure the health of communities, protect environments, and make private sector production more resilient while lowering costs and streamlining approaches.

Why Invest in the Water Industry

Companies around the globe understand that the idea of “business as usual” is changing. More than ever, organizations seek solutions that reduce their local footprint (carbon and water) and contribute to their ESG goals.

More than that, the pull toward more efficient and resilient processes has shown that companies, when being more intelligent about their approach to production, can better predict output, reduce downtime, and lower costs on a variety of fronts, including:

  • chemical usage
  • equipment wear and tear
  • manual labor

Better quality of water monitoring processes that leverage technological advances (automation, IoT, big data, cloud storage, etc.) can make a company both more competitive and more environmentally sustainable, which isn’t just good for the business – it’s good for the planet.

Water Quality And Process Efficiency At Consumer Goods Manufacturing
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KETOS: Industry Agnostic

KETOS and its devices (WAVE and SHIELD) are designed to improve water quality across industries and across the private and public sectors. KETOS has applications in:

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