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Monitoring Water for Sulfates With KETOS SHIELD

Companies often need multiple water parameters – including sulfates – tested efficiently. With KETOS, companies can test for dozens of parameters all at once in a way that helps organizations save on time, labor, and money.

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Testing for Sulfates

Monitoring Water For SulfatesKETOS SHIELD provides automated water quality monitoring to allow water operators to act on important data in real-time. While companies get excited about avoiding high up-front costs, operators gain access to information that makes it easier to ensure daily operations run smoothly.

KETOS is an intelligent water management solution that offers lab-accurate monitoring of 30+ water parameters. Operators can test for environmental factors (such as temperature), heavy metals, and elements like sulfates. Monitoring cadence can be controlled by the water operators and samples are pulled and analyzed in real-time for the most accurate, up-to-date water quality information (in ppb).

Why Monitor Water for Sufates with KETOS

Sulfates can occur naturally in groundwater and are pulled into the water as it moves through soil or rock that contains sulfate minerals. Some regions of the country have higher levels of naturally occurring sulfate than others. However, sulfates can also appear in higher concentrations due to municipal or industrial discharge. Human-made points of high sulfate concentrations often include sewage treatment plants and industrial plants such as pulp and textile mills. Agriculture can also contribute to elevated levels of sulfates in water due to agricultural runoff.

High sulfate levels in drinking water may lead to a bitter taste and cause dehydration or diarrhea, with infants being more sensitive to sulfates than adults. Animals also have sensitivities to sulfates.

The EPA suggests that sulfate levels of 250 mg/L in drinking water as higher levels may lead to a bitter taste. This is provided as a guideline and is not a federally enforceable standard. Guidelines may vary from state to state. Sulfate may also corrode water infrastructure, particularly copper piping.

Gather the insights your organization needs with KETOS. Gather insights on sulfate levels – and 30+ other parameters in real-time. With KETOS SHIELD, water operators can test what they want, when they want, with a centralized dashboard that’s easy to access and updated automatically after every sample.

What Water Quality Parameter Do You Test Most Often?

The KETOS SHIELD remotely monitors dozens of water quality parameters. Which one do your water operators test most often?

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KETOS is a fully integrated platform that combines hardware, software, connectivity, automated reporting, predictive analytics, and maintenance to automate water monitoring and testing. KETOS enables water operators to identify and solve mission-critical water efficiency and quality challenges in real-time, or before they happen through predictive algorithms, to ensure that water meets specific quality and safety standards.

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