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Monitoring Water for Total Dissolved Solids With KETOS SHIELD

Water operators that need to cover dozens of water testing parameters need an all-in-one solution to help centralize results. With KETOS, users get a modern device that can automate water quality testing across various parameters – including dissolved solids and other environmental factors.

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Testing for Total Dissolved Solids

Monitoring Water For Total Dissolved SolidsKETOS SHIELD gives results for dozens of water testing parameters in real-time. Automate your process and lower up-front costs with our industry-leading $0-CAPEX subscription model.

Our proprietary intelligent water management solution, KETOS SHIELD, provides customizable monitoring for dissolved solids and 30+ other parameters (such as heavy metals and inorganic materials). Monitoring happens via an interoperable system that uploads data to the cloud for secure access from anywhere, helping water operators monitor results around the clock, even when they are off-site.

Why Monitor Water for Total Dissolved Solids with KETOS

Taste is one of many reasons organizations may want to monitor for Total Dissolved Solids. . Typically, the total Dissolved Solids’ acceptance level (as far as taste is concerned) is around 300 mg/L. Unacceptable levels of Total Dissolved Solids for taste lie somewhere around 1200 mg/L. However, extremely low levels may also affect flavor, as it may cause water to feel flat.

In industrial and production applications, components (such as magnesium and calcium) may also affect corrosion or buildup in water infrastructure. Higher levels, for example, 500 mg/L and up, may cause scaling in pipes, boilers, and water heaters. This can create downtime or shorten the lifespan of the equipment.

Gain insights on total dissolved solids in your water infrastructure – but don’t stop there. With KETOS, an extensive list of water testing parameters are at your fingertips.

What Water Quality Parameter Do You Test Most Often?

The KETOS SHIELD remotely monitors dozens of water quality parameters. Which one do your water operators test most often?

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KETOS is a fully integrated platform that combines hardware, software, connectivity, automated reporting, predictive analytics, and maintenance to automate water monitoring and testing. KETOS enables water operators to identify and solve mission-critical water efficiency and quality challenges in real-time, or before they happen through predictive algorithms, to ensure that water meets specific quality and safety standards.

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