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Monitoring Water for Total Hardness With KETOS SHIELD

Organizations require trusted lab-accurate results when monitoring their water quality. At KETOS, water testing parameters get collected in real-time. Water operators can choose from dozens of variables to sample, including water hardness.

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Testing for Total Hardness

Monitoring Water For Total HardnessKETOS SHIELD offers instantaneous water quality monitoring to help water operators react in real-time. It also saves organizations high upfront investment expenditures by providing a $0-CAPEX subscription.

As an award-winning smart water management solution, KETOS SHIELD provides accurate monitoring for water hardness and 30+ other water testing parameters (such as inorganic materials, heavy metals, and environmental factors). Monitoring happens via an internet-aware modular system that uploads your data to the cloud for easy 24/7 access.

Why Monitor Water for Total Hardness with  KETOS

Water hardness results from the levels of calcium and magnesium salts in water. Balancing water hardness helps organizations avoid the risk of both scaling and corrosion. While a specific water hardness level is acceptable in some applications, others may require zero hardness to protect equipment and infrastructure.

For example, in municipal drinking water applications, hardness must be balanced to protect pipes from corrosion to avoid lead and copper leaching into households and ensure compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule.

In wastewater applications, monitoring for hardness during sludge digestion optimizes efficiency. Water hardness in industrial applications where heaters and boiler tubes are present requires careful monitoring to avoid scale buildup. This is also the case in cooling tower feeds. In food and beverage operations, monitoring for water hardness also helps control quality and taste. Therefore, across industries, understanding Total Water Hardness is critical to maintaining efficient processes and avoiding downtime.

Go further with KETOS. Gather insights on the total hardness of your water and 30+ other water quality testing parameters. Test what you want, when you want, all from one central device.

What Water Quality Parameter Do You Test Most Often?

The KETOS SHIELD remotely monitors dozens of water quality parameters. Which one do your water operators test most often?

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KETOS is a fully integrated platform that combines hardware, software, connectivity, automated reporting, predictive analytics, and maintenance to automate water monitoring and testing. KETOS enables water operators to identify and solve mission-critical water efficiency and quality challenges in real-time, or before they happen through predictive algorithms, to ensure that water meets specific quality and safety standards.

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