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KETOS SHIELD Expands Water Quality Monitoring Capabilities
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Smart Water Management Solution

Measuring Residual Chlorine In Water With KETOS SHIELD

What Water Quality Parameter Do You Test Most Often?

The KETOS SHIELD remotely monitors dozens of water quality parameters. Which one do your water operators test most often?

Water operators need a smart solution that can offer lab-accurate monitoring of a variety of parameters – including residual chlorine and other environmental factors.

Residual Chlorine monitoring in real-time. KETOS SHIELD solves for residual chlorine monitoring with real-time results – while lowering up-front costs with our industry-leading $0 capital expense subscription model.

Measuring residual chlorine In WaterOur proprietary smart water management solution, KETOS SHIELD, provides accurate monitoring for residual chlorine and dozens of other parameters (such as inorganic materials, heavy metals and other environmental factors). Monitoring happens via an internet-aware modular system and uploads data to a centralized database for secure 24/7 access.

Download our KETOS SHIELD overview to learn how:

Download The KETOS Residual Monitoring Solution Overview

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KETOS is a fully integrated platform that combines hardware, software, connectivity, automated reporting, predictive analytics, and maintenance to automate water monitoring and testing. KETOS enables water operators to identify and solve mission-critical water efficiency and quality challenges in real-time, or before they happen through predictive algorithms, to ensure that water meets specific quality and safety standards.

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