Actionable Water Quality Analytics in Real-Time

Actionable Analytics

Water quality analytics in real-time is both possible and affordable.

Most water operators leverage less than half the data they generate.  The challenge has not been generating data. The challenge has been how to leverage the data we have – and how to make sure we simply and easily manage and analyze the data we collect going forward. 

Typically, data is disconnected and siloed based on various systems, tools, and databases.  This disconnected data makes it difficult  for operators to aggregate, organize, and analyze data across disparate systems. As a result, organizations don’t benefit from the data they collect. Reports are descriptive (what happened in the past), and not a real-time view of the operation. Additionally, organizations are likely not leveraging data to see what might happen in the future and what impact that would have on future operations (predictive and prescriptive analytics).

What’s needed in the industry is a solution that can collect and organize data points (across devices if necessary) and visualize the results in a way that makes data easy to analyze and act on – allowing water operators to make decisions on the fly when it counts.


Water Quality Analytics

Automated Water Quality Analytics in the Cloud  

KETOS offers a cloud-based platform, accessible from mobile devices and desktops, that allows operators to see data relevant to their operation. Whether that’s monitoring for contaminants (like lead and arsenic) or other parameters (salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, etc.), they’ll be able to see both real-time and historic results right from a visual dashboard. Operators can also build reports and threshold alerts to help automate processes and protect equipment.

A Solution that Gets Smarter Every Day

As a SaaS platform, operators will never use outdated software. The cloud continuously updates to the latest version to ensure that each user gets the latest KETOS technological advancement from the day it’s released.

With IoT technology integrated into an IaaS analytics platform, it’s possible to communicate with external instrumentation, databases, and other analytics tools which makes it easier to have insights into chemical feed rates, predictive maintenance, and leak detection without overlooking historical data’s value. 

We’ve also baked AI and machine learning right into the solution. That means, over time, as data is collected and aggregated, operators can leverage our proprietary machine learning algorithms to become more efficient and predictive with their maintenance scheduling. As the solution “learns” your operations, it can better predict maintenance and detect issues that may occur in daily operations.

Talking to Your Entire System

A considerable advantage of the KETOS system is its interoperability. You don’t have to replace existing devices or collate existing data points manually into the KETOS cloud. We integrate with other sources/devices/sensors/systems to ingest and analyze data across your operations. Therefore, if you have an online analyzer already measuring a single contaminant, KETOS can take that monitored datapoint and add it into its data center for a truly centralized 360-degree view of your operations KPIs.

Say Goodbye to Data Scientist Costs With Water Quality Analytics

One of the most significant expenditures for many water operators is hiring data science of professionals to analyze, interpret. and present translate the actionable data from disparate data in order to make sense of the information coming off of devices and other data sources. Not only are data scientists and data architects expensive, but it also takes time for them to structure data, develop automation, run the create dashboards, and make adjustments over time. numbers Oftentimes, they are left to and manually generate descriptive reports (what’s happened in the past), and to tell you what you need to know. By the time you get the information, it’s likely may be out of date. In a worst-case scenario, you may receive the information well after an easy or economic fix can be implemented.

With an IaaS / SaaS solution built into your existing infrastructure, data collection and collation is automated, giving your operators water quality analytics they can act on in real-time. It makes preventative maintenance more plausible, thereby lowering costs and reducing downtime.

If you’re ready to integrate a solution that helps you better analyze your data, KETOS is here to help. Our KETOS Shield technology can deliver laboratory-quality results (across dozens of parameters) and gives you the power to analyze results to act on what’s happening in real-time effectively. Have questions on how we can make that happen for your organization? Contact us today and schedule a demo.


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