Addressing Wastewater Compliance with Real-time Data

Wastewater compliance varies widely from country to country and even within states, provinces and regions. However, wastewater is a sizable issue no matter where you are.

In terms of global wastewater statistics, there are an estimated 360 billion cubic meters annually — and approximately 48% is released directly into the environment completely untreated. One way to lower global wastewater generation is to reuse the water itself. However, only 11% of the globally produced wastewater gets reused. In the developing world, the main issue is the lack of financial resources available to build the necessary resources to collect and treat wastewater.

Water quality and management play a significant role in both developed and developing countries. Many countries establish their standards to protect their citizens and respond to local water quality challenges. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also attempted to develop guidelines. But WHO wastewater standardssurrounding drinking water and the safe use of wastewater in agriculture and aquaculture develop in isolation.

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