Addressing Wastewater Compliance with Real-Time Data: How KETOS Drives Innovation in the Water Industry

Wastewater compliance is a pressing global issue, with billions of cubic meters released annually worldwide. In many places, water is freely discharged untreated, causing health issues for human populations and the surrounding environment. Therefore, Addressing wastewater challenges requires a comprehensive approach that involves setting stringent wastewater guidelines and implementing real-time monitoring solutions to ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

Modern water technology plays an important role in streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency in the water industry. It can also play a significant role in ensuring compliance. Digital water solutions can improve reporting and make regulatory oversight easier. And as a digital water technology company, KETOS is at the forefront of driving innovation in wastewater management. 

In an article published on Water Technology Online, KETOS CEO Meena Sankaran discusses wastewater and how organizations seek solutions that can automate and digitize their approach to wastewater management (while staying EPA-compliant).

How KETOS Can Play a Role in Wastewater Management

KETOS’s cutting-edge technology provides water operators and utilities with wastewater monitoring transparency. Real-time data is the cornerstone of KETOS’s approach, allowing for immediate response to changes in water quality. Instead of relying on cumbersome third-party lab testing, water operators can access vital information directly on their mobile devices, enabling them to reassess and adjust their treatment processes promptly.

KETOS also provides excellent ongoing reporting to capture and retain timely and historical data. Being able to showcase water quality over time provides transparency for reporting purposes. It also helps organizations follow trends for predictive and prescriptive approaches to water oversight. Operators can move from reactive to proactive to ensure wastewater compliance and protect against regulatory malfeasance.

Wastewater Management is a Global Issue

The water industry faces unique challenges in different parts of the world. While many developed countries have established water quality standards, the lack of financial resources poses a significant hurdle for developing nations in building the necessary infrastructure to collect and treat wastewater. KETOS recognizes these global disparities and tailors its solutions to suit varying needs, making it a reliable partner for communities worldwide.

For example, the company positions itself as an affordable, flexible solution that organizations of any size or budget can leverage by building a water quality monitoring system under a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) $0-CAPEX model. Organizations no longer need to worry about significant up-front costs for infrastructure improvements. With KETOS, getting up and running is both easy and affordable.

EPA Compliance

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed effluent guidelines and standards for industrial wastewater discharge in the United States. KETOS complements these regulations by providing an adaptable system that can address the specific wastewater requirements of different industries and applications, such as:

Each industry has unique compliance parameters, and KETOS makes it easy to remediate water effectively and responsibly by providing a menu of 30+ parameters from which organizations can choose. Companies can monitor and set threshold alerts for environmental factors, nutrients, and heavy metals (among others) and align their monitoring to ensure they are EPA-compliant on multiple fronts.

Helping Facilities Update Their Approach to Wastewater Management and Sustainability

While new facilities build toward meeting ever-more stringent standards, KETOS’s focus on technology-driven solutions ensures that any wastewater treatment plant can operate more efficiently. 

Older plants may struggle to modernize their services. However, KETOS’ award-winning design is modular and interoperable, allowing facilities with existing infrastructure or equipment to optimize their treatment processes further. KETOS provides a way for older plants to tackle digital transformation without redesigning their existing infrastructure, thereby removing typical barriers to entry. 

An Effective Tool for Water Recycling

In the pursuit of sustainable water management, KETOS also recognizes the importance of water reuse and recycling programs. By prioritizing water reuse, industrial environments can significantly reduce water consumption and wastewater generation. KETOS provides the tools and insights necessary for industries to implement effective water reuse strategies, contributing to a more sustainable water future.

Read Meena Sankaran’s thoughts on wastewater management and the transformative power of digital solutions in Water Technology Online.

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