Employing Predictive Water Quality Analytics in Nevada

KETOS is the perfect solution for utilities. Many organizations that serve residents need to ensure the highest water quality while working on small or constrained budgets. Upgrading infrastructure may be a challenge, yet local communities need water that’s clean, consumable, and accessible 24/7.

If you’re a utility looking for solutions that can help you digitally transform your infrastructure without the high up-front costs, look no further than KETOS. Our SHIELD solution can simultaneously monitor for 30+ contaminants in real time and deliver actionable insights to your water operators to ensure they have a 260-degree view of water quality.

KETOS and the Southern Nevada Water Authority

If you’re looking for a case study that shows just how transformative digital water technology can be, look no further than the KETOS installation at the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA)

SNWA is a wholesale water provider, serving 2.2 million residents. The organization is responsible for water treatment and delivery while acquiring and managing long-term water resources in Southern Nevada.

When it comes to water, Nevada happens to be the driest state, with annual precipitation of just 9.5 inches. The state’s southern region accounts for three-quarters of water demand – and that will likely increase by 85% by 2065. Water efficiency is critically important in Nevada, and SNWA needed a solution to meet their needs while lowering operational costs.

Putting Actionable Data in the Hands of Water Operators

If you’re a water operator responsible for water quality coming from a facility, any information you have that can help you understand water quality and maintain compliance can help you protect against contamination and protect your constituents.

Utilities are in an ever-changing environment and must comply with the EPA – even as EPA regulations change. A solution like KETOS helps water operators like SNWA manage risk and maintain transparency in terms of EPA compliance. With KETOS, organizations gain visibility and streamlined reporting. 

While the EPA provides standards and guidelines, customers expect even more. With KETOS, utilities can show, via transparent reporting, that they are meeting EPA standards and going above and beyond – ensuring water quality is even better than EPA standards – so that residents feel comfortable in the water delivery they receive.

KETOS in Action

After installing KETOS, SNWA was able to lower the cost of manual testing of water quality. They also were able to strengthen their control over contaminants with more robust detection capabilities and 24/7 monitoring via SHIELD. This monitoring allowed them to maintain or improve on EPA compliance standards to deliver the highest quality water to Southern Nevada. 

Watch the video on the SNWA website to learn more about KETOS’ installation and how KETOS:

  • automates sampling and testing for cost savings
  • handles the testing groundwater sourced from wells 
  • tests for arsenic and other water quality parameters in water-stressed areas
  • offers increased visibility 24/7 without the need for operators on-site
  • assists in maintaining compliance

View the case study video on the SNWA website here.

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