KETOS in Action in the City of Savage

The City of Savage, Minnesota, like a lot of cities around the country, has a diversity of water sources. Not only do they have eight producing wells from four different aquifers, but they also buy water from the neighboring City of Burnsville.

Various sources for drinking water mean different water compositions, but the City wants to ensure water quality for its constituents across the board. Traditionally, that has required sampling, and for the City of Savage, that meant sending someone across town every single day to grab a sample of water to test manually.

What if Savage could simplify that sampling process? What if they could automate water monitoring and ensure that the parameters they test for (including iron, manganese, and radium) could happen instantaneously, without human intervention?

Recently, the City of Savage discovered just how meaningful automation can be to municipal water quality. After a recent installation of KETOS, Mike Kilmers, a 27-year veteran of the City of Savage (and Utility Superintendent), broke down how KETOS has affected operations and streamlined water quality testing and monitoring.

Read all about Kilmers’ reaction to the KETOS system and how seamlessly it integrated with their existing SCADA system, how efficient installation and training have been, and how they chose where to strategically place their KETOS system to get the most out of the system in the October 2022 edition of Municipal Water Leader.

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