Menu of Options: Using Data and Technology To Replace Lead Pipes Faster

The Environmental Policy Innovation Center (EPIC) recently released its comprehensive resource guide, “Menu of Options: Data and Technology to Replace Lead Pipes Faster,” featuring various service providers offering data tools and technologies to public water utilities. As a reputable digital water technology company, KETOS is proud to be featured in this guide, which aims to connect water utilities with innovative solutions regardless of their progress in the lead-free journey. With its cutting-edge capabilities, KETOS is ready to assist communities in their lead pipe removal initiatives.

The Role of Data and Technology in Lead Pipe Replacement

The urgency to replace toxic lead pipes in our water systems is real, and leveraging technology can significantly speed the process. That said, the speed and efficiency with which this can be achieved depend on the strategies adopted, including the incorporation of data and technology. 

Many municipalities, notably smaller to medium-sized ones, continue to face challenges in implementing effective lead service line replacement programs. Some are yet to begin, despite federal regulations mandating an initial lead service line inventory by October 2024. At every stage of the identification, planning, design, and replacement process, access to new data tools and technologies can make a significant difference, enabling water utilities to replace lead pipes faster, more efficiently, and with more considerable equity.

KETOS: Driving Innovation in Lead Pipe Removal

KETOS stands at the forefront of driving innovation in the water industry, offering a range of features that assist communities in removing lead pipes and enhancing water quality.

  1. Comprehensive Water Testing: KETOS allows water operators to test for various parameters, including heavy metals such as lead. With real-time monitoring and accurate data analytics, communities can quickly detect lead contamination and take immediate action to safeguard public health.
  2. Affordable $0-CAPEX Model: Recognizing the diverse financial situations of communities, KETOS offers an affordable solution with its industry-leading $0-CAPEX model. This approach ensures that even municipalities with limited budgets can access state-of-the-art water technology and actively participate in lead pipe replacement programs.
  3. Threshold Alerts for Lead Spikes: KETOS empowers water operators to set threshold alerts across any of our 30+ parameters, instantly notifying them of any spikes in levels (including lead) in water supplies. This proactive approach enables swift responses and ensures corrective measures are taken before lead contamination becomes widespread.
  4. Effective Water Infrastructure Mapping: One of the most critical aspects of lead pipe removal initiatives is accurate water infrastructure mapping. KETOS offers advanced tools to help communities map their water systems effectively, assisting in identifying and prioritizing lead service lines for replacement.


The Menu of Options: Data and Technology to Replace Lead Pipes Faster, published by EPIC, is a vital resource for public water utilities seeking cutting-edge solutions for lead pipe replacement. KETOS is proud to be featured in this guide, representing the company as a water industry leader at the forefront of innovation. With its comprehensive water testing capabilities, affordable solutions, real-time alerts, and practical water infrastructure mapping tools, KETOS is uniquely positioned to assist communities in removing lead pipes and ensuring safe, clean drinking water for all. By leveraging data and technology and KETOS’s expertise, we can accelerate the journey towards a lead-free water future where every community can access a safe, clean water supply.

Learn more about the Menu of Options here.

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