Customers can use the real-time, actionable data and insights to inform operating decisions and foresee major events before they occur - all while being remote.

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Our solutions are designed with a variety of characteristics to enhance value for the customer.


Our system architecture (KETOS SmartFabric) is the foundation for all that we do. It enables us to create a comprehensive integrated offering of patented hardware with IoT connectivity and the software platform.

In all of our solutions, continuous water data is sent to the KETOS Hub (acting as a gateway) – via a mesh network built to aggregate and manage end-to-end secure data. This is then transmitted to the backbone of our solution: our dynamic platform.

SmartFabric works through data collection, – transmitting, receiving, organizing and contextualizing the data – and presenting it with relevant analysis and predictive mechanisms for customers on a web-based or mobile application.

Far more than a typical IoT reporting dashboard, our platform communicates bi-directionally with the sensor devices for various actions based on the different detection capabilities and works actively on an environment through user based triggers and machine learning intelligence.

SmartFabric allows our solutions to ultimately detect, monitor and analyze in an automated unmanned fashion –without the need for human intervention across all nodes or any upfront capex costs – all while creating a network of advanced monitoring capabilities.


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When it comes to understanding water utilization or measuring leaks directly, compared to just estimations or having partial data from acoustic and noise logging measurements, our innovative KETOS Wave Fabric (patent pending) provides the necessary data real-time for customers to take action.  

Besides learning about the water metrics themselves, customer can also trigger the mechanism to shut-off the water passing inline helping leaks to be halted until repair, creating significant savings.  

Proprietary, self-powered hardware sensors with interactive capabilities provides real-time monitoring of water metrics including flow, pressure, leaks, level, usage, volume, and more.  

KETOS Wave sits inline, the data it generates is online, and the device itself is unmanned. Ketos Wave is self-powered and fully automated, making it ideal for remote communities.

By enabling predictive maintenance, water grids can be managed efficiently – leading to decreased revenue losses, optimized operational savings and increased gains for smart irrigation.

KETOS has built a proprietary mesh network that enables nodes to be distributed in areas without Wi-Fi – paving the way for massive adoption in areas that have not had clean water before.


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Understanding water quality is paramount across private and public sector globally. With a unique and patented approach, that’s EPA compliant, our KETOS Shield Fabric allows for providing real-time and on-demand monitoring of several ionic, environmental, water health parameters, amongst other contaminants.

These insights are vital for the public and private sectors and are used for water quality, safety assurance testing, protecting liability, understanding process optimization in industrial plants, improving crop yields and water data for farming, besides overall consumer health.

Empowering every operator to act proactively based on the intelligence gathered can be very helpful esp. with the early warnings that can save lives, prevent toxin poisoning amongst other disasters and expensive resolutions.

Deploy KETOS Shield Fabric across processed, treated, filtered or drinking water, depending on the needs of your customer, to manage the right filtration or remediation based on the type of contaminants. Gain through the learning of the location based mapping network of all Shield deployments and the implications.

A proprietary, modular and unmanned solution that’s easily deployed for online access with water siphoned off, for continuous monitoring of water quality metrics with interactive software intelligence is a unique solution in the Industry today.