Tech Startup KETOS Targets Water Safety And Scarcity

In a world where water safety and scarcity have become critical concerns, one visionary entrepreneur is leading the charge to make a difference. Recently, KETOS, and KETOS CEO Meena Sankaran, were covered in Forbes. As the driving force behind KETOS, a San Francisco-based tech startup revolutionizing how we manage our water, Meena has many insights into the water industry and the power of data. 

The Birth of KETOS: A Mission Rooted in Necessity

Growing up in India, where waterborne illnesses were all too common, Meena developed an unwavering commitment to ensuring water safety. Her childhood experiences and deep-seated desire to drive positive change led her to found KETOS in 2015. Armed with a wealth of engineering knowledge and a passion for innovation, Sankaran embarked on a mission to transform water management on a global scale. Forbes discussed the impact of KETOS and digital water technology with Meena.

Empowering Industries and Communities

KETOS isn’t just another startup – it’s a catalyst for change across various industries and communities. The KETOS SHIELD, for example, offers a comprehensive solution through an AI-driven platform that automates water testing and monitoring. The results are impressive: water becomes safer, more sustainable, and more efficiently utilized. The platform combines cutting-edge hardware, data science, and IoT solutions to provide real-time water quality intelligence tailored to diverse clients.

The KETOS Impact on Industry

KETOS’s impact is far-reaching, with its services catering to various companies and use cases. Mining companies, for instance, harness KETOS’s capabilities to manage and optimize water usage throughout their operations. And, as the demand for resources like lithium rises, KETOS aids mining firms in responsibly sourcing, using, and recycling water. 

The platform’s role also extends to the agricultural sector, working closely with farmers who grow water-intensive crops. Through advanced monitoring of groundwater composition and nutrient concentrations, KETOS empowers farmers to make more informed decisions, ultimately leading to more sustainable and safer crop production.

The solution has applications in other areas as well, including:

Accessing the Power of Data

So, how do clients gain access to KETOS’s data-driven insights? The answer lies in the flexibility of the platform. Operators in the field prefer the convenience of mobile phone access, while executives overseeing multiple sites find the web-based platform to be a network-centric solution. KETOS’s unique hardware houses the robotic system that continuously monitors water streams. The company’s innovative business model focuses on owning, maintaining, and servicing the hardware, eliminating the need for customers to invest in costly equipment. This makes it easier for organizations to digitally transform their water infrastructure, even with tight budgets, while accessing more effective monitoring tools.

A Vision for the Future

Sankaran’s aspirations extend beyond business success. KETOS’s impressive growth, fueled by nearly $40 million in funding, is just the beginning. KETOS is ready to create a global impact with a staggering 170 million data insights and monitoring over 13 billion gallons of water. 

Sankaran’s ultimate vision is to prevent disease outbreaks by democratizing access to water data worldwide. The goal is to provide visibility to every individual and to empower communities with the knowledge needed to protect their water resources – and KETOS is off to an impressive start.

In a world where water safety and sustainability have never been more vital, KETOS stands as an example of how innovation can empower. As KETOS continues to expand its reach and revolutionize water management practices, one thing remains clear: the water industry is ripe for disruption and change – and there’s a great hunger for companies that can simplify water management.

Read the full coverage in Forbes here.

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