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The water industry is continuing to evolve in terms of
embracing digital water technology. Optimizing water management has become a crucial inflection point for ensuring sustainability, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance, and therefore, moving away from older, less efficient methods (and towards newer, more agile approaches) is fast becoming the norm.

While traditional approaches to water monitoring and analysis are complex and time-consuming, when companies embrace digital water solutions, they can save time and money while streamlining processes. That said, there are some concerns from an industry that’s not prone to change easily (or quickly). However, when organizations, including utilities, work with KETOS, they instantly experience improvements in their approach to monitoring. From a seamless setup to clear cost savings, here’s what to expect when your company adopts the KETOS water quality monitoring approach:

The Data as a Service (DaaS) Subscription Model Removes Upfront Expenditures

In the past, changes to water infrastructure were complex and costly. KETOS addresses this by changing the cost model significantly so that upfront pricing is no longer a barrier to entry. KETOS is a comprehensive solution that eliminates the need for upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX) on hardware. 

Instead, we focus on a subscription-based model that enables businesses to access cutting-edge technology without the financial burden of purchasing equipment outright. Additionally, KETOS provides flexible licensing options and a modular approach to equipment installation, allowing for easy scalability and accommodating more extensive operations effortlessly.

Configuring Shield to Meet Your Unique Requirements is Easy

Older methods of water quality monitoring may be limiting. One device may test for a handful of parameters, and another may test others. On the other hand, KETOS empowers businesses to tailor their water monitoring precisely to their needs. How? With a vast selection of over 30 parameters (and counting), companies can effectively measure the aspects of water quality that matter most to their operations. In addition, testing is flexible and customizable. Businesses can determine the frequency of tests and set threshold alerts, ensuring proactive and timely responses to water quality concerns.

An Installation Process That’s Fast and Seamless

Implementing KETOS is remarkably straightforward, with minimal disruption to daily operations. KETOS integrates seamlessly within any existing water infrastructure and can be placed at strategic nodes within systems to test water at multiple points (influent, effluent, recycled, etc.). 

The installation process is seamless, with KETOS technicians handling all the technical aspects. This allows water operators to focus on the core business and avoids disruptions to operations. Even better: no specialized training is required to operate the system. Personnel don’t need extensive training sessions or a specialized skill set. The device and dashboard design make water quality monitoring accessible and user-friendly for any team.

Monitoring Water Quality from Every Angle

KETOS removes the need for:

  • manual sampling
  • third party lab testing
  • exhaustive reporting
  • expensive/time-consuming equipment maintenance

Instead, advanced technology automates processes and enables real-time data collection, analysis, and reporting. 

With a system that self-cleans and self-calibrates and is maintained quarterly by KETOS techs, in-house employees can rely on reliable lab-accurate results without resorting to manual device maintenance.

Analytics Centralized Under One Dashboard 

KETOS users gain access to a robust analytics platform and an intuitive dashboard that updates automatically. This visual reporting system delivers valuable insights into water quality in real time, facilitating data-driven decision-making. KETOS seamlessly integrates with other systems, including HACH and SCADA. This removes existing data silos and allows for comprehensive data aggregation and analysis. 

The centralized data hub provides predictive and prescriptive analysis that enables businesses to anticipate potential issues, optimize operations, and drive continuous improvement. With accurate digital water technology, water operators can be proactive instead of reactive, saving an organization tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis.

Worry-Free Maintenance

While the devices themselves fo self-clean and self-calibrate, the KETOS team offers an added layer of excellence by providing regular servicing by experienced technicians. Quarterly maintenance ensures that each organization receives the most up-to-date functionality and unparalleled performance.

Unlike other solutions, these upgrades are built right into the subscription cost. With KETOS, businesses are always on the cutting edge of water monitoring technology, receiving the latest advancements and additional parameters when they become available. 

Water Quality Monitoring at the Speed of Business

The business landscape is changing, and companies need solutions that help them increase efficiencies, lower costs, and improve resiliency. To meet consumer demand, KETOS offers hassle-free water monitoring, simplified analytics, and streamlined operations that check all the boxes for managing water quality. 

By eliminating the need for: 

  • significant upfront investment 
  • manual interventions
  • multiple devices

KETOS allows businesses to focus on their core activities while maintaining the strictest water quality standards. 

Is your team seeking a digital water solution to transform your water quality monitoring approach? Book a demo!

Incorporating KETOS’s award-winning digital water technology allows operations to gain a technological advantage, maintain compliance, and contribute to a sustainable future while achieving business goals. By booking a demo, you’ll be able to witness just how game-changing KETOS could be for your business, no matter the industry vertical.

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