1. Does your business need to understand what’s in your water?

  2. Does it matter how much water you utilize?

  3. Does water safety matter from a public health PERSPECTIVE for your business?

  4. Does the water quality affect your product for your customers?

  5. Do the losses from water leaks impact your bottom line or customer satisfaction?


If you’ve answered “YES” to any of these simple questions, then you might want to try us out and see how we can help.

Our solutions are built for processed, produced, treated or potable water. When in doubt, ask us about your “source of water”

Water is a global issue and having clean drinking water is a mandate across most nations, driving for public water safety and affordability including the awareness generated by UN SDG #6 for Clean Water and Sanitation.

Business segments that stand to benefit from our solutions include an array of industries, farmers, commercial businesses including schools and other private/ public market applications in which water plays a critical role.

Use Cases

Smart Irrigation


Smart Industries


Smart Cities


What can KETOS solutions help with?

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Predictive maintenance for water utilization and safety

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Resource optimization and Operational efficiency for water dependent businesses


Understanding qualitative and quantitative water metrics in industrial plants


Indications for planning infrastructure repairs instead of complete replacement


Risk mitigation through timely user action for water losses due to leaks


Water conservation and early warnings for public safety across smart buildings and cities

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Safety assurance testing for drinking water, bottled water or any processed water to help liability, compliance and branding for sustainability


Usage-based billing and understanding of anomalies in customer behavior of water use for Operators

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Optimizing for food safety and crop yields based on quantitative and qualitative water metrics