DaaS can enable operators to accelerate smart water adoption with a low-risk profile

Digitalization has emerged as the key to unlocking greater efficiency and sustainability in today’s ever-evolving water industry. Among the innovative players, KETOS.co stands at the forefront, spearheading a transformative approach with its Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) model. This paradigm shift in water management enables operators to accelerate the adoption of intelligent water solutions with a low-risk profile, revolutionizing how water is monitored, managed, and safeguarded.


In a recent article in SmartWater Magazine, KETOS CEO discussed the DaaS revolution and how KETOS is an industry leader in leveraging DaaS to help companies better monitor their water quality without the traditionally expensive overhead or significant upfront costs associated with water infrastructure.

The Power of DaaS in Water Management

From its inception in 2015, KETOS has dedicated itself to making water safer and sustainable, with the vision of making water quality monitoring affordable and accessible to companies and communities alike. By providing qualitative and quantitative data in real time, KETOS empowers water operators to take a proactive approach to address efficiency and quality challenges, elevating the standards of water safety and sustainability. With a platform modeled after SaaS, organizations gain access to a pay-as-you-go model that’s constantly updating and innovating so that organizations aren’t installing expensive equipment that can’t iterate or keep up with market changes.

Digital Solutions for Proactive Water Management

Digital solutions are ushering in a new era of water management by automating:

  • testing
  • monitoring
  • reporting
  • analysis
  • alerting
  • forecasting 


This innovative, real-time approach to water management enables operators to respond proactively to critical challenges, ensuring compliance with specific sustainability, regulatory, and quality standards across industrial, agricultural, and municipal applications. 

KETOS’ industrial-grade patented hardware, IoT communication framework, and robust software platform form a unique amalgamation of robotics, IoT, data science, and material science, revolutionizing how water operators interact with their water management. From toxic chemical monitoring to leak detection and usage optimization, KETOS covers vital parameters to ensure water safety.

DaaS: A Catalyst for Water Industry Digital Transformation

Traditional approaches to smart water adoption often faced limitations due to high upfront costs and complex infrastructure requirements, favoring large utilities with extensive capital budgets. However, DaaS presents a game-changing alternative where technology providers assume data collection, processing, and transmission responsibility. This shift in risk from the customer to the solution provider allows for a joint vision toward mutual success. DaaS streamlines automation, encourages integration with existing systems, and promotes real-time innovative water applications while accelerating utility innovation.

DaaS in the Post-COVID World

The global pandemic affected the water industry significantly, and widespread shutdowns made organizations reconsider worker safety while still needing operations as crucial as water delivery to continue uninterrupted. In a very real way, COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of DaaS and remote monitoring in the water industry. Automated solutions have empowered water operators to work safely and efficiently, adapt faster to challenges, operate remotely as necessary, and conserve water without compromising safety. Automation has significantly reduced unnecessary physical contact while still ensuring continuous testing and real-time analysis, even in uncertain times. As a result, water utilities maintain consistent operations while prioritizing the safety of their personnel and customers.

Affordability, Security, and Success

DaaS offers a financially viable solution for even the most budget-conscious water operators (like utilities and public water providers) by reducing capital investments and eliminating the need for specialized IT and data resources. With KETOS’ DaaS model, customers can de-risk their investments, evolve at their pace, and share mutual responsibility for ongoing success. Data confidentiality and security are assured through encryption, access controls, and other agreed-upon measures, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

KETOS: Your Trusted DaaS Partner

KETOS’ DaaS model presents a comprehensive and affordable solution for water operators of all sizes and types. The modular and interoperable nature of KETOS’ offering allows for seamless integration into any environment, enabling small utilities to leapfrog into a sustainable and effective future. By harnessing the power of DaaS, KETOS has already achieved remarkable success stories across various industries, improving water quality, optimizing water usage, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Learn more about DaaS and CEO Meena Sankaran‘s unique approach to ensuring water quality in this exclusive interview in SmartWater Magazine.

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