On-site Testing and Actionable Insights Disrupt the Status Quo in Water Quality Analytics

“The KETOS platform utilizes robotics with several advancements in cross-functional engineering disciplines to provide continuous real- water quality data at your fingertips. Users can access the system anytime and anywhere,” says Meena Sankaran, founder and chief executive officer at KETOS. The California-based company has designed a fully integrated solution for remote, on-demand and on-site water analysis. The technology has major potential for the greenhouse and vertical farming industry where water quality can make the difference between a healthy crop, conserving millions of gallons of water with reuse and one suffering nutrient imbalances or pathogen transmission.

The KETOS solution is a comprehensive hardware and software solution. The hardware is installed alongside the irrigation system to analyze the quality of water coming into the facility (i.e., municipal or well water) and leaving the production area. The software platform allows users to analyze real-time and historical data, schedule tests, generate reports, set alerts and use predictive analytics.

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