“With agriculture’s reliance on groundwater steadily rising, water quality and food safety must go hand-in-hand. Food quality and food safety needs to start at the source – the water used to grow the crops,” said KETOS CEO Meena Sankaran. “By partnering with Dramm to provide growers an easy way to actively monitor and measure possible water pollutants in real-time, KETOS is helping accelerate data-driven farming by providing actionable insights that can enhance crop yield.  Ultimately, our common goal is to enable the delivery of safer food by creating a thriving food supply chain.”

According to the USDA, agriculture accounts for approximately 80 percent of U.S. ground and surface water consumption. However, many growers do not know what is in the water they are using at any given moment. Dramm will use the KETOS ShieldTM solution to proactively test and monitor for potential contaminants and verify the quality and safety of the irrigation water supply for its customers. KETOS provides continuous, lab-precision testing data and serves as an advanced warning system for growers if heavy-metal compounds or contaminants are present – including arsenic, boron, nitrates, and other elements that could diminish crop yield or pose a food security threat.

“Water is at the root of our agricultural ecosystem, and our growers are eager to verify the quality of their water more regularly,” said Kurt Becker, Executive Vice President, Dramm Corporation. “KETOS is the only one-stop-shop solution that we’ve found capable of monitoring several water quality parameters like boron, arsenic, nitrates and manganese all at once and at the sensitivity that our clients need. The solution is completely contained within a single system and doesn’t need our staff to get involved for maintenance. We find that the data-as-a-service model that KETOS provides helps clients with technologically advanced solutions and allows us to focus on the growers and the added value we can bring them.”

The initial phase of the partnership between KETOS and Dramm will focus on water quality solutions for horticulture, ornamentals and greenhouse specialty crops. Dramm will test the KETOS Shield solution at various North American greenhouses. During these trials, Dramm will work with various facilities with vegetable, ornamental and medicinal crops to identify the specific needs of these customers and showcase the impact that real-time water quality data can have on their crops.


Our vision of delivering smarter, safer and more sustainable water solutions compels everyone to change the way they think about water. We provide the world with a comprehensive offering of Industrial-grade patented hardware, an IoT communication framework, and a robust software platform to address global water management issues. Real-time monitoring and understanding of water both quantitatively and qualitatively helps address both water efficiency (leak-detection & usage) and water quality (safety), ultimately increasing water availability. With the power of actionable and predictive water intelligence on a global scale at our fingertips, we can solve a number of the world’s water challenges to preserve this quintessential resource for generations to come.  Learn more at www.ketos.co.

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The Dramm Corporation has produced quality products and solutions for growers for over 75 years. Founded in 1941 with the invention of the 400AL Waterbreaker, the Dramm Corporation continues to innovate to help its customers flourish. Focusing on irrigation systems, chemical application, environmental control, Dramm helps its clients grow and improve their plant health. The tradition of innovation and service continues as Dramm now offers complete irrigation and water management design.

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