OMAHA, NE — MARCH 26, 2020 – Water treatment leader, Water Engineering, Inc. (WEI), and water intelligence innovator, KETOS Inc., today announced a strategic partnership to offer actionable water insights to industrial facilities through continuous water quality monitoring for stakeholders across the Midwest United States. WEI provides water treatment solutions to clients in multiple industries, including data centers, municipalities, commercial HVAC, oil and gas, manufacturing plants, and power plants, among others.

“Industries are under rigorous pressure to meet compliance requirements while also trying to optimize their operations, staying capitally efficient and achieving their overall water management goals as an organization,” says KETOS CEO, Meena Sankaran. “Our partnership with WEI will help businesses and institutions be proactive in their approach to water treatment and internal process control, with significant savings across labor, laboratory testing, and materials. The impact of this partnership will be transformational for the industrial sector, with the rise in IIoT automation and a focus on data-driven decision making. KETOS and WEI also align on their missions to provide solutions that keep in compliance with water quality standards while protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of water resources.”

WEI will use the KETOS Shield® solution to provide continuous real-time water quality monitoring for its customers, either at the inlet (with real-time visibility into water composition and chemical treatment in internal processes), or for understanding water discharge and reuse at the effluent. This includes safety assurance testing, process optimization, and efficient dosing of chemicals, with the ultimate goal of improved plant operations. The KETOS Shield solution is uniquely designed to offer advanced analytics with threshold-based alerts that help customers quickly identify contaminants such as heavy-metal ions all within a single, modular and automated system.

Testing without compromising accuracy doesn’t have to be expensive. The KETOS Shield solution presents an alternative to lab-testing, allowing for an unmanned system to deliver data at parts per billion (ppb) sensitivity in a matter of minutes. With WEI’s expertise and treatment capabilities teaming up with KETOS Shield’s real-time analytics the end-users will finally have access to a holistic view of their water quality.

“From our inception as a small-town water treatment company, our commitment has always been to deliver the best quality products and services that help our customers achieve their operational and environmental goals,” says David Wagenfuhr, President of WEI. “We knew that this partnership with KETOS, and the use of the KETOS Shield, will have far-reaching benefits, both in terms of allowing customers to easily and continuously monitor water quality, but also in cutting down the amount of time required to collect and analyze data. Additionally, using the KETOS smart water management platform will allow us to expand our businesses around building a data strategy for our end users and offering our expertise as part of the managed service efforts.” The use of the KETOS Shield is expected to dramatically reduce labor and testing costs associated with traditional collection methods and provide valuable operational intelligence for WEI customers in real-time.


KETOS delivers smarter, safer, and more sustainable water solutions to change the way the world thinks about water. This is done through a comprehensive offering of industrial-grade patented hardware, an IoT communication framework, and a robust software platform to address global water management issues. Real-time monitoring and understanding of water, both quantitatively and qualitatively, helps address both water efficiency (leak-detection & usage) and water quality (safety), ultimately increasing water availability. With the power of actionable and predictive water intelligence on a global scale, KETOS seeks to solve a number of the world’s water challenges with the goal of preserving this quintessential resource for generations to come. Learn more at

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