The Companies Using High-Tech Systems to Manage Water Use

Water, necessary for sustaining life, has become the focus of innovative technologies reshaping how we manage and monitor its use. In a recent article by Emerging Tech Brew, KETOS was featured as an example of cutting-edge advancements in water management. Emerging Tech Brew highlights the transformative impact of companies like KETOS. With its groundbreaking system, KETOS offers customers a new way to manage water quality monitoring – offering real-time insights, comprehensive data tracking, and user-friendly dashboards that change how organizations (public and private)can manage their water resources.

The Urgent Need for Effective Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality has been a growing concern, with alarming statistics revealing that millions of Americans have been exposed to unsafe drinking water. And clear water does not necessarily equate to clean or safe water. Harmful chemicals and contaminants, often present in small concentrations, can have profound health implications over time – which is why constant, reliable monitoring of water (including wastewater, groundwater, surface water, and more) is so integral to local and national health. 

KETOS Shield: A Technological Marvel

KETOS SHIELD, a “robotic monitoring system,” is the latest breakthrough in water quality monitoring. Equipped with the capability to detect over 30 parameters, including toxic substances like boron, lead, mercury, and arsenic, it offers users real-time notifications of detectable levels (in ppb). Installed at strategic points (for example, to measure influent, effluent, etc.), Ketos SHIELD employs a seamless connectivity infrastructure to relay information about water quality to its web-based platform. Data and insights are shared securely with any authorized device (mobile, tablet, laptop) for lab-accurate monitoring of water composition from anywhere. This innovative approach empowers customers to access vital insights, machine learning-based diagnostics, and maintenance forecasts from anywhere with an internet connection.

Unlocking New Horizons

KETOS’ impact extends beyond technology – transforming how industries and communities manage water. The company collaborates with utilities, industrial players, and agricultural communities across several states, including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Nevada. Notably, KETOS’ partnership with the Southern Nevada Water Authority, responsible for supplying water to the Las Vegas Valley, underscores the significance of the company’s contributions to water management. KETOS’ expansion plans, including a forthcoming deployment in Minnesota, showcase its dedication to addressing water quality concerns on a broader scale.

A Unique Approach to Affordability and Accessibility

What sets KETOS apart is its commitment to accessibility. Unlike traditional models, KETOS doesn’t charge for hardware installation but provides access to its cutting-edge data platform. This approach democratizes access to crucial water quality information, making it available to entities of varying sizes and budgets. 


In a world where water quality issues often remain invisible until severe problems manifest, KETOS is ushering in a new era of transparency, efficiency, and affordability. By offering real-time insights, extensive data tracking, and user-friendly dashboards, KETOS equips businesses, utilities, and cities with the tools they need to safeguard their most precious resource – water. 

Learn more about KETOS and the potential for digital transformation in the water industry in Emerging Tech Brew.

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