KETOS Talks With Urban Vine: How Water Quality Monitoring Can Enhance Urban Farming

Recently, KETOS spoke with Urban Vine about water quality monitoring, the KETOS origin story, and what we’ve learned along the way. You can continue to read the full article here.

KETOS Origins

With our founder (KETOS CEO Meena Sankaran) growing up in India with water insecurity an everyday reality, KETOS, at its core, understands the importance of access to clean water. With Meena’s roots in water-insecure India and after 15+ years in the tech industry, it was only natural to leverage her technical background and apply it to something as important as water quality. With an ethos that clean water should be both affordable and accessible, KETOS works on creating a disruptive solution that applies across industries to service and protects communities worldwide. 

Upcoming Water Industry Challenges

Challenges within the water industry vary from one market to the next. For example, water usage, conservation, and reuse are top of mind in the controlled agriculture sector, and KETOS aims to meet those challenges. Each industry – from agriculture to manufacturing to food and beverage production – will have its own unique relationship to water and water usage. KETOS is amazingly flexible, which makes it an excellent solution that can meet any business’s water quality-related challenges across every industry.

KETOS vs. Water Quality Monitoring Competitors

KETOS is unlike any other technology on the market in that it provides real-time monitoring of 30+ parameters while remaining flexible, interoperable, and, most importantly, accurate. The automation provided by the KETOS hardware devices streamlines water testing, and the AI-enabled software helps water operations see around corners with predictive and prescriptive analysis of historical data. 

Measuring Impact

Thus far, KETOS has been installed in five countries and 26 US states. We’ve generated 249 million data points while monitoring 29 billion gallons of water. We’ve also reduced 1885 metric tons of CO2 across multiple industries (open-field and controlled agriculture, industrial, and municipalities, for example). 

KETOS operates sustainably as a manufacturing organization and is proud to be purpose-led.

Learning Lessons Along the Way

While it’s no surprise that starting a business is hard work, when building a product designed to work across industries, you quickly realize that the pace of adoption is uneven. Some enterprises want to be on the cutting edge and are hungry for new, innovative solutions to adopt. Others are much more cautious. For example, while KETOS can help municipal utilities solve issues related to lead, copper, and other contaminants, they are the slowest to adopt. On the other hand, controlled ag operations are proliferating and embracing innovations like KETOS at pace. 

It’s also important to offer solutions that really embrace flexibility. Parameters for water quality monitoring in mining operations, for example, are vastly different from those needed in wastewater treatment plants, open-field farms, or food and beverage manufacturers. Having one solution that can cover the parameters required for such varied industries speaks to the strength and universality of KETOS devices and their power to map water quality, no matter the infrastructure setup.

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